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Monday, April 10, 1995

IN THE DARK: The lights went out, and the computers went down, in two buildings just after 9 a.m. Friday. Affected were Biology 2 and the Earth Sciences and Chemistry building. Horst Beyerle of UW's plant operations department says the problem was traced to a switch failure in a mechanical room in the Dana Porter Library, though the power outage didn't affect Porter Library itself. Things were fixed shortly before 10:00. "It's the wonderful world of electronics," Beyerle says.

HIGH SCHOOL students from Waterloo County schools, some 70 of them, are back on campus today for the second half of an "Enrichment Colloquium Series" sponsored by the faculty of arts and the board of education. They're getting a series of presentations from UW faculty members, under the blanket theme of "Inquiry". The first half of the colloquium was held last week.

STAFF SALARIES: The staff association's subcommittee on staff compensation will meet today at 12:05 p.m. in Math and Computer room 6007. All interested members of the staff association are welcome to come and talk about salaries and other aspects of compensation.

THE GRADUATE Student Association board will meet tonight, at 6 p.m. in Humanities room 334. It's the first meeting for the 1995-96 board, and something like a dozen directors' positions are still vacant. On the agenda for tonight's meeting is election of the GSA president for the coming year, since no candidates came forward in the general election a few weeks ago -- which did, however, fill all the vice-presidencies.

EXAMINATIONS continue, and here's a final reminder of an error in the printed exam timetable. (The electronic exam timetable on UWinfo is correct.) The Business 111W exam will be held, not at Waterloo, but at Wilfrid Laurier University, at 6:30 tonight.

TERM LOAN books from UW's libraries are due this Wednesday, April 12.

GOPHER WARNING: If you're still using the "gopher" version of UWinfo, to access information at Waterloo or elsewhere in the Internet world, you need to be prepared for a change. Gopher is a soon-to-be-obsolete technology, replaced by the World Wide Web and the various "browsers" that provide access to Web information, such as Netscape, Mosaic and Lynx. Already, the Web version of UWinfo provides access to everything that's on the gopher version, and much more besides -- and the information on gopher is dwindling and going out of date.

If you reach UWinfo by typing the "uwinfo" command on a Unix or similar computer system, you don't really need to do anything. Some time soon -- before the end of this month -- that command will stop meaning "gopher" and start meaning "lynx", giving you access to the Web version of UWinfo automatically.

If you use the UWinfo gopher with software such as Turbogopher or PC-gopher, however, you should be making plans to switch to Netscape or Mosaic as soon as possible. They're readily available on campus computing systems.

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