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Monday, April 17, 1995

IT'S EASTER MONDAY, and while government offices and schools are closed, UW is nose-to-the-grindstone as usual, with exciting events like the final examination for General Engineering 121.

Also today, the Faculty Council General Assembly in environmental studies will hold a meeting, at 2 p.m. in ES 1 room 221. On the agenda is a visit from the university's provost, Jim Kalbfleisch, as well as reports from the faculty's officials and academic units, and talk of the coming year's budget.

And the UW senate meets at 7:30 in Needles Hall room 3001. The 1995-96 budget is on the agenda there, too, as senate will be asked to give its approval before the budget goes to the board of governors in early June. Also starring: Jack Kalbfleisch, dean of mathematics, with the next in the senate's series of "state of the faculty" presentations.

POWER SHUTOFF: Electrical power (as well as ventilation) will be shut off for half an hour early tomorrow (7 to 7:30 a.m.) in the CIM wing of the Davis Centre, and in the Engineering Lecture Hall; 600-volt power in the Physics building will also be off. A main breaker conversion is being done, the plant operations department says. If you're affected, "Computer equipment should be shut down in an orderly fashion."

ABOUT THE DEAN: A memo has gone across campus from the provost in his role as chair of the nominating committee for the post of dean of graduate studies. Pat Rowe's term as dean ends in June 1996. Here's what the memo says:

Following my memorandum to you of January 6, I now wish to inform you that the Nominating Committee is in place and has held its first meeting. As described in Policy 44:

"The first charge to the nominating committee will be to solicit, with the prior knowledge of the incumbent and by whatever means it may decide, the opinion of Senate Graduate Council, the Faculty Deans, and other persons affected, with respect to the reappointment of the incumbent. If the incumbent is found to be generally acceptable, the committee shall then determine the incumbent's willingness to accept reappointment. If the incumbent indicates willingness to accept, the committee shall recommend reappointment to the President without considering other candidates. Upon receiving the report of the nominating committee and the recommendation of the Senate, the President shall recommend an appointment to the Board of Governors."

You are invited to discuss any questions concerning the reappointment of the Dean, or the Deanship in general, with any member of the Nominating Committee (identified below). If you prefer to respond in writing, your submission should be directed to the Committee Secretary (c/o University Secretariat in Needles Hall) or to any member of the Committee, not later than Monday, May 1. In either case, your comments will be held in confidence within the Committee.

Jim Kalbfleisch, Chair (x4766; jselwood@provost-admin)
Emily Barnes, Secretary (x2225; ebarnes@provost-admin)
Jean Andrey, Geography (x3629; jandrey@watserv1)
Edmund Dengler, Graduate Student, Computer Science (eadengler@barrow)
Tom Fahidy, Associate Dean, Engineering (x3376; tfahidy@dean.watstar)
Angus Kerr-Lawson, Pure Mathematics (x2453; kerrlaws@watserv1)
Harriet Lyons, Women's Studies (x2880; hlyons@watarts)
Fred McCourt, Chemistry (x4763; mccourt@theochem)
Carolyn Nelson, Staff Member, Faculty of Arts (x3637; cnelson@artsadmin.watstar)
Alison Pedlar, Recreation & Leisure Studies (x3758; apedlar@healthy)
Essam Tony, Graduate Student, E&CE (x5317; etony@maxwell)
Gary Waller, Interim Dean of Research (x4889; tgwaller@watarts)
Clement Wang, Graduate Student, Management Sciences (x5381; ckwang@sail)

TECHNOLOGY TALK: The teaching resource office has announced two "interest groups" that will have their first meetings on Tuesday, April 25. One is about CD-ROM production and preparation; it'll meet at noon in Chemistry 2 room 278. The other is on instructional uses of the World Wide Web; it'll meet at 3:30 p.m. in Davis Centre room 1304. People interested in taking part are asked to preregister with the teaching resource office at ext. 3132 (e-mail trace@watserv1).

CHEMISTRY EVENT: The chemistry department has set April 26 as the date for " The Monsanto/NSERC Industrial Research Chair Colloquium and Equipment Dedication Day". The chair is a post for Victor Snieckus of the chemistry department, and the day is an opportunity to show off research that he heads in the areas of agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and spectroscopy and spectrometry. Half a dozen technical papers are planned, along with ceremonies unveiling the spectrometry equipment provided by Monsanto Co. as part of its support for the chair.

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