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Thursday, April 20, 1995

THE SIREN SONG of the fire engines hit campus about quarter past eight this morning. Buzzers had gone off in the Davis Centre, but there was no fire -- apparently something in the Food Fair kitchen set off the smoke alarms. Back to work, all.

VOLUNTEERING is in focus today, as the Waterloo Region Corporate Volunteer Council gets ready for its annual awards breakfast tomorrow. The council is made up of major local employers and agencies, including UW, and exists to encourage "employers who promote and recognize volunteerism on the part of their employees".

So, here are a couple of current opportunities as listed by the Volunteer Action Centre. The VAC is waiting for your call (742-8610) and has all kinds of roles available to match people's talents, interests and time.

     Management and coordination positions -- leadership in the
     coordination of an annual fastball tournament.  Needed are a
     chair and vice-chair for transportation, grounds, accommodations,
     publicity and media relations, logistics, volunteer coordination,
     food concessions, refreshments, sponsorship, banquet, and 
     ceremonies.  The event will be held in August and a bid will be
     made for 1997.  Listing 101-1214.

     Games coordinator -- an opportunity to be part of an open house and
     lawn party for a museum and art gallery on Mother's Day, May 14.
     Assistance is needed to coordinate and run lawn games and events.
     Children's games include marbles, jacks, kick-the-can; adult games
     include croquet, badminton and quoits.  Nature walks and entertainment
     will also be available.  Listing 150-1199.

UW'S LIBRARIES have been on extended hours these past weeks, but the exam season is just about over. Today, the library office says, is the last day for extended hours; tomorrow, Friday, the libraries will be open regular hours.

The libraries will be closed altogether this Saturday and Sunday (April 22 and 23) and the following weekend (April 29-30). Next week, the Dana Porter and Davis Centre libraries will be open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.; the University Map and Design library, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Spring and summer hours begin May 3 and will be announced shortly, the library says.

EAST CAMPUS HALL will be without electrical power from 9:30 tonight until 1:30 in the morning, the plant operations department advises. "Computer equipment should be shut down in an orderly fashion."

ARTS AFTER 5: That's a new activity of the Waterloo Regional Arts Council, "a monthly opportunity for visual artists, musicians, writers, dancers, performers, arts administrators, gallery owners and anyone else involved in or who supports the arts and culture to get together, to talk and to network". The first Arts After 5 event will be held tonight, starting at (obviously) 5 p.m. and running to 6:30, at the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery in downtown Waterloo.

DRAGON INN is tonight's Taiwanese film, to be shown by the fine arts film society at 7 p.m. in East Campus Hall room 1219.

ON THE WEB: For the last few days I've been creating an experimental hypertext version of this Daily Bulletin. Most people who get to the Bulletin through the World Wide Web version of UWinfo will have seen the experiments (although the gopher version still exists too, for the time being). Question, though: of all the people who must have seen Tuesday's Bulletin, how come not one noticed that it was dated "April 15" instead of April 18? That's the sort of thing that I hope to smooth out while the Web version is still "experimental".

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