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Friday, April 21, 1995

WOODY ALLEN, in "Annie Hall": "I was thrown out of college for cheating on the metaphysics exam; I looked into the soul of the boy next to me." No more risks of that kind for the next while. Winter terms exams at UW end today, and now we have a quiet week, quiet except for the groaning labour of professors marking exams and registrar's office staff processing marks. Oh, and everybody getting ready for the spring term, which begins Monday, May 1.

Authorities at Wilfrid Laurier University, and the local police, must be hoping that this morning's rain continues at least through Saturday night. It would put something of a damper on what rumours say will be the mother of all street parties, to happen on Ezra Street once WLU exams finish tomorrow.

Residents were outraged when some 600 students partied loudly on the street at this point a year ago, and it took two dozen police to chase the revellers home. WLU Student Union leaders talked of organizing a more controlled party for this year, but City Hall said no party at all, and police warned a few days ago that if something gets going anyway, they'll break it up.

Posters have gone up around the WLU campus advising students that the university authorities, too, will take action if there's misbehaviour:

     Wilfrid Laurier University and its student body value their
     relationships with the City of Waterloo and our campus neighbours.
     We are also concerned about student safety.

     The University will take seriously any incident that disturbs
     local residents or causes personal injury or property damage.

     According to its policy on student conduct, the University may
     take disciplinary action against any student for improper
     conduct on or off the campus.
     The Waterloo Regional Police Service has advised us that it will
     not tolerate any violation of municipal bylaws, provincial laws,
     or the Criminal Code.

WEEKEND NOTES: The Ontario Classical Association meets at UW tomorrow, for a conference on "Vanished Civilizations". Among the titles of papers to be given: "Sex and Death among the Etruscans", "Celtic Towns and Trade", "Bronze Age Thera".

A competitive dance festival starts tomorrow in the Humanities Theatre and continues through April 30. The Rhythm Festival is being held at Waterloo for the fifth time, bringing participants from about 30 dance academies across southern Ontario. Junior finals will be held Monday from 6 to 10 p.m.; intermediate finals, Wednesday evening; and senior finals Sunday, April 30. The judges will teach a couple of audition classes, this Sunday afternoon and then Friday morning.

Hydro power (and ventilation) will be shut off tomorrow from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Engineering 1, Physics, Engineering Lecture, and the CIM wing of the Davis Centre. The plant operations department is doing maintenance on 15,000-volt substation equipment. Computers should be "shut down in an orderly fashion" ahead of time, it's suggested.

"IT IS PICNIC time again," says Suzanne Poole in the development office, "and once again we are inviting talent across campus to entertain us on June 1 on the Davis Centre lawn. We are looking for bands (jazz, blues, folk, etc.), jugglers, magicians, unicyclers. . . ." The annual early-June picnic is sponsored by the Community Campaign, the branch of Campaign Waterloo that's raising millions in voluntary contributions from staff, faculty and retirees. Everybody's invited, but right now (before May 10) Poole would appreciated a call from volunteer entertainers. She can be reached at ext. 6790.

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