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Monday, April 24, 1995

AN END: The year is petering out -- the 1994-95 fiscal year. Year-end information from financial services advises that the official cutoff is this Friday, the last working day of April, though various kinds of transactions will be processed through much of May.

For example, cash deposits at the cashier's office must be made by 2 p.m. this Friday. Professional allowance forms (claims for reimbursement by faculty members) are due May 5. Invoices and travel settlements must be submitted by May 8. Casual earnings forms are due May 12. "To ensure smooth processing of transactions," says the financial services notice, "please send transactions as soon as possible."

AND A BEGINNING: Students can register this week for the spring term, beating the May 1 rush. "The cashiers will be available in Needles Hall in the cashier's office, 1st floor, until April 29," says the registration newsletter issued by the registrar's office. "On May 1 the cashiers will move to the second floor, NH." Registration cheques sent in by mail or dropped off this week can be post-dated to May 1.

HUNGRY? On-campus places to eat are fewer than usual during this between-terms week. Food services advises that the Festival Room and Double U's in South Campus Hall are closed all week, as are all the Village food outlets. In the Davis Centre, Bon Appetit and Tim Horton's are open, but on reduced hours (10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday to Friday). Other food outlets -- Matthews Hall, Needles Hall, Modern Languages, and the new Brubaker's in the Campus Centre -- are keeping their usual hours.

TEACHING TECHNOLOGY: Two "interest groups" about the use of technology in teaching and learning will have their first meetings tomorrow. One, on "CD-ROM production and preparation", will meet at 12 noon in Chemistry 2 room 278. The other, on "Instruction uses of the World Wide Web", will meet at 3:30 in Davis Centre room 1304. Participants in either workshop are invited to pre-register with the teaching resource office, phone ext. 3132, e-mail trace@watserv1. "If you have examples to share," a notice from the TRO adds, Tom Carey would like to hear from you ahead of time: e-mail tcarey@watserv1.

WRITTEN A BOOK? The UW library is still trying to get in touch with campus authors (faculty, staff, students and alumni) who had books published during 1994. They'd like to include the books, and acknowledge the authors, at a display and reception to be held next week, in conjunction with the annual Friends of the Library public lecture. (The 1995 lecturer is Tony Urquhart of the fine arts department, who will speak at noon on May 3 in the Theatre of the Arts.) Authors of 1994 books who haven't yet made contact can call Mary Stanley at ext. 6019 or e-mail her at mstanley@library.

OKLAHOMA! There's no end to the scope and ingenuity of the Internet Resources Committee, who find World Wide Web material to be included in UW's Electronic Library. Latest innovation, late on Friday, is a page of links to detailed information and breaking news about last week's horror in Oklahoma City. It points to Web pages maintained by half a dozen news organizations, including the Oklahoma Daily, newspaper of the University of Oklahoma. The " Explosion in Oklahoma City" line is the very first item on the Electronic Library's home page, as part of its "news cluster".

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