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Wednesday, June 21, 1995

Planning group talks about people

A new "working group", this one on "human resources", has been set up by UW's Commission on Institutional Planning.

It'll be the job of the new working group to advise the commission on such subjects as UW's "flexibility to adapt" ("how can the university adjust to changing societal needs and funding levels?") as well as workloads, hiring, job security, salaries, performance evaluation and training. A report is expected by September.

The working group on human resources is being co-chaired by Bob Kerton, of the economics department, and Lorraine Beattie, the library's administrative officer, and has eight other members. Its terms of reference are available in full on UWinfo, and I'll try to get them into the next issue of the Gazette on July 5.

Solar cars start their trip

I don't have any results at this moment -- but I'm trying to get some -- from the first day of Sunrayce 95 yesterday. Midnight Sun III, designed and built by a UW student team over the past two years, is in competition with 37 vehicles from other universities (mostly American, three Canadian, one Mexican) in the nine-day race from Indianapolis to Golden, Colorado. After crossing the savannahs of Indiana yesterday, the cars should be travelling today from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Indiana, to Lewis and Clark Community College in Godfrey, Illinois.

It's the first day of summer

So no wonder the temperature's gone down so much. Astronomically, summer begins at 4:34 p.m. in this time zone. Other notes:

The Arctic Rose sings tonight

Finally . . . plenty of tickets are still available for tonight's concert by Susan Aglukark, a voice from Canada's far north who has recently come to national prominence. In her album "This Child", as in her previous work, Aglukark mixes traditional music of her Inuit ancestors with contemporary pop melodies -- including a strong presence of social issues such as the alcoholism and abuse that afflict Canada's northern people. She's singing in the Humanities Theatre starting at 8 tonight; the box office, at ext. 4908, has tickets at $22.50.

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