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Thursday, June 29, 1995

About decision-making at UW

A phone call came a day or so ago from Sharon Adams, of the school of urban and regional planning, who's one of the staff representatives on the "working group and decision processes". That group was set up by UW's Commission on Institutional Planning to give advice on "strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for governance and decision making processes" at the university.

Says Adams: "I want people to believe that we're doing our best to listen and to incorporate their ideas." And she wants more ideas and comments to listen to. The working group has already issued a memo posing some questions; for example, "Do we have appropriate matters centralized and decentralized?"

Comments of all kinds are invited, and can be sent to Adams or to any of the other members of the working group, which is chaired by Ken McLaughlin of St. Jerome's College.

The dean at St. Jerome's

And that brings me to today's next news item: as of June 30, Ken McLaughlin finishes his term as dean and vice-president (academic) of St. Jerome's College. Becoming dean and VP on July 1, the college announced this week, will be Michael Higgins, English professor and currently associate dean. McLaughlin now goes on a two-year sabbatical leave to finish his book on the history of this university, "in time for the University's fortieth anniversary celebrations".

Planning committee meets today

Back to the Commission on Institutional Planning: it will be presenting "Progress Report #2" to the senate committee on long-range planning this morning. The committee meets at 10:30 in Needles Hall room 3001.

Volunteers are wanted

The local Volunteer Action Centre is looking for help, along these lines:
Volunteer life skills worker -- for adults with a developmental delay, to foster an appreciation of and knowledge of life skills such as cooking, laundry, grocery shopping and budgeting. As a volunteer, you will be matched one-on-one and spend approximately two hours a week for a year working with an individual. Listing 111-1206.

Newsletter assistant -- a nursing home needs someone with computer skills to produce a newsletter containing letters and articles to be distributed to the residents, family members and staff. Approximately two hours a week, at your convenience, is required. Listing 085-1268.

The VAC can be reached at 742-8610.

Staff training room opens

The official opening is set for today at 3:00 for the new Staff Training and Development Room, on the fourth floor of the Math and Computer building. It's been outfitted with the right kind of furniture and equipment for sessions in the Working and FrontLine Leadership programs, and other training and development activities.

Looking forward to Saturday

On hand is a detailed schedule for what's happening at UW this Saturday, Canada Day. The afternoon and evening of celebrations starts at 3:00 when a parade leaves from the corner of King Street and University Avenue, heading to the north campus via University, Albert, and Columbia.

Up by Columbia Lake, the music starts at 3:30; opening ceremonies are at 4:30 (with birthday cake, and awards for the winners of the children's costume contest). An "environmental fair" runs from 3 to 7, a "merchants' village" from 3 to 9:30, children's activities from 4:00, and music from 5:00 onwards. The candlelight closing ceremony happens at 10 p.m. and the fireworks will light up the sky at 10:15.

Promised are "great food at great prices", a chance to fly kites or play with pogs, a dunk tank, mediaeval demonstrations from the Society of Creative Anachronism, and, yes, washrooms. And most UW parking lots will be open and free.

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