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Thursday, May 4, 1995

About the quality of life

A forum has been scheduled for next Wednesday, May 10, to talk about "quality of life for faculty, staff and students" at Waterloo. It's being organized by the working group on quality of life set up by UW's Commission on Institutional Planning. The forum will run from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. that day on the third floor of the new mall wing of the Campus Centre.

People are invited to come and talk about any "aspects of quality of life they deem relevant, whether positive or negative, specific or general", an invitation says. The working group is interpreting "quality of life" to include everything from workload to safety, child care to morale, counselling to scheduling.

What's happening today

It's the last day to register for the spring term. Late fees are payable starting tomorrow, the registrar's office says, at $10 for the first day and $3 for each succeeding day. (The "absolute last day to register" is June 30, but you'd run up quite a bill in late fees if you waited that long.)

The Heritage Resources Centre in the faculty of environmental studies has a day-long seminar running today, on "Changes in Ontario Land Use Law". It's in Davis Centre room 1302.

The Pragma Council, which advises the school of urban and regional planning, is meeting all day today and until noon tomorrow. Topic of the spring conference is "Canada: Government Issues in the 90's and Options for Re-Structuring". Most sessions are in the Environmental Studies I building, but dinner tonight will be in the Laurel Room, South Campus Hall. Mississauga's outspoken mayor, Hazel McCallion, is a "patron" of the Pragma Council and will be the after-dinner speaker. Student awards and presentations will also follow the meal.

A youth convention of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada brings some 1,200 delegates to the Village 2 conference centre, today through Saturday.

Satire at the Humanities Theatre

"The Wild Guys", by Andrew Wreggitt and Rebecca Shaw, hits the theatre at 8:00 tonight, brought to town (from the Vancouver Arts Club Theatre) by the city's Waterloo Showtime series. It's described as a "satirical look at men", in particular four men on a "sensitivity weekend" in the bush. Tickets are available at 886-2375.

"Four dead in Ohio"

Those of us for whom the shootings at Kent State University were a landmark event are feeling very old. Sandy Scheuer, Allison Krause, Jeff Miller and Bill Schroeder died 25 years ago today -- May 4, 1970. The events of that day have not been forgotten at Kent State itself, which this week has been holding a big-name symposium on "Legacies of Protest. Among other observations at the Ohio campus: a candlelight vigil overnight, a production of the same play that was going on at Kent State the week of the shooting, and an "informal forum with faculty and staff sharing their experiences in finishing the academic quarter after the May 4 incident led to the closing of the University". Peter, Paul and Mary perform at Kent State tonight.

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