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Thursday, May 11, 1995

Today marks an anniversary

It was May 11, 1993, that the very first Daily Bulletin appeared on the UWinfo gopher. Those were exciting times in UW's history: the Social Contract was looming, three candidates were seeking the position of vice-president (academic) and provost, and on May 11 the very new president of UW, James Downey, gave his now-famous public talk "A Humanist Meets His Waterloo".

The Daily Bulletin skipped a few issues in the summer dog days of 1993, but other than that, we've been there every workday morning for two years now. Besides the gopher, the UWinfo Web space now includes a hypertext version of the Daily Bulletin, and I post it each day to the newsgroups uw.general and uw.campus-news. Hope you find it useful.

Sessions for faculty and staff

The Employee Assistance Program has announced three noon-hour sessions to be held in the next little while:
"Basic budgeting, tips to help ensure expenses do not exceed income," by Tom Wunder of the Catholic Family Counselling Centre, on Tuesday, May 16.

"How to be helpful in a personal crisis," by Cathy Brothers, also of the CFCC, on Tuesday, May 30.

"Resolving workplace conflict, and is there a role for mediation?" by Matt Erickson, UW's coordinator of ethical behaviour and human rights, on Tuesday, June 6.

All the talks will be given from 12 noon to 1:00 in Math and Computer room 5158. ("Bring your lunch -- fruit juice will be provided.")

Happening on a gray Thursday

And some notes about people

Yvonne Weppler in the psychology department is collecting wine-bottle corks, needing "about 100 or so" for a craft project. . . . Scott Paterson in chemistry is a proud new father (Annika was born April 23). . . . Today's a birthday for Robert McKim, concrete and construction expert in the civil engineering department.

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