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Wednesday, May 17, 1995

Taking courses at Laurier

A new cross-registration agreement has been developed between UW and Wilfrid Laurier University, says Jim Boniface of the UW registrar's office. Here's a summary of it:
Commencing the term beginning September 1995, full-time and part-time students at UW and WLU may request to enrol in on-campus courses at the "other" institution via the cross-registration process. Part-time students will no longer be required to take these courses on a Letter of Permission except as indicated in item 2 below.

Part-time students wishing to enrol at the "other" institution in a course offered through Distance Education (Correspondence) at UW or Telecollege at WLU must continue to follow the Letter of Permission procedure.

A new Cross-Registration form is being developed. Please note that the form is not required for students in integrated programs or options whose courses are routinely available on their timetable and listed in pre-registration materials.

Service award to staff member

The dean of environmental studies has announced that Joanne Holzinger of the dean's office has been awarded the Distinguished Service Award for 1995 in ES. Says dean Jeanne Kay: "Joanne's normally heavy responsibilities for budget, facilities, and personnel matters in the Faculty have been augmented by voluntary service on several demanding committees. Most of all, Joanne is appreciated in the Faculty for her unfailing expertise, serenity and helpfulness towards all who work with her." The award is given in alternate years to a staff member and a faculty member, and "carries a $1,000 cheque or professional development account funded by unrestricted donations to the Faculty". The dean said there will be a reception next fall to honour Holzinger and other award winners in the ES faculty.

Lovely day for ducks!

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