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Tuesday, May 30, 1995

Making an exhibition of ourselves

In fact there are several displays and exhibitions of interest on campus just now:
Treen can be seen
"Wood U Play" is the title of the current exhibition in UW's museum and archive of games: more than 50 games carved or otherwise made from wood, including hand-carved gameboards from many parts of the world (maple and pine, rosewood and cherry) and interlocking puzzles. They're selected from the museum's collection of more than 5,000 games. Current hours for the games museum, on the main floor of Matthews Hall: Monday to Thursday noon to 4 p.m., Wednesday from 6 to 8 p.m.
Things to see with
A display of antique optical instruments is arranged in the museum of visual science and optometry, on the third floor of the Optometry building. It includes a 1780 compound microscope, a Carpenter "long tube" microscope made in 1830, several turn-of-the-century magic lanterns, a brass telescope made in Paris in 1900, and an 1880 theodolite inscribed by Toronto optician Charles Potter. The display runs all summer, and can be seen 8:30 to 5, Monday to Friday.
And seen on your screen
The World Wide Web people in UW's library have created an on-line exhibition of material about the history of the YWCA of Kitchener-Waterloo, this year celebrating its 90th birthday. "Displays on the Web are relatively new," says rare books librarian Susan Bellingham. "Using this technology we are able to make valuable and fragile historical documents available in the most modern electronic manner to a truly world-wide audience."

The Community of Science

In yesterday's Bulletin I mentioned the new Web page for the UW office of research and in particular its link to the Community of Science, which I described as an American database of researchers. True as far as it goes, but the real point is that UW has a section in the database, and the research office is encouraging all faculty members to get themselves listed.

A memo from Cathy Hale of that office is going out this week telling people just how to do that: "Many thanks for your participation in the University of Waterloo faculty Expertise database."

A day for clowning around

Says Suzanne Poole of the UW development office: "Clowning around is lots of fun. So if you want to clown around with faculty, staff, retirees, and students of UW, join us at the 1995 UW Community Campaign Picnic on Thursday, June 1, on the Davis Centre lawn. Come out for the laughs, entertainment, hotdogs, fun, and excitement. See you there!" (In case of rain -- but of course it won't rain -- the alternate site for Thursday's picnic is the great hall of the Campus Centre.)

Happening on the Muslim new year

Co-op students will be taking a close look at job posting #6, which appears this morning and expires tomorrow at 8 p.m. Tomorrow is the first day of employer interviews for those seeking fall term co-op jobs.

Centre Stage has a dance performance tonight at 7 (and again tomorrow) at the Humanities Theatre.

Some 120 UW alumni (out of an estimated 5,000 living in the Ottawa region) and co-op students (out of 500 working in Ottawa) are expected for a reception tonight at the Citadel Ottawa Hotel downtown. Co-op coordinators in the Ottawa area are helping organize the event. Roger Downer, the vice-president (university relations), will be there from Waterloo, along with Gwen Graper, acting manager of alumni affairs -- and the Members of Parliament for Waterloo and Kitchener, Andrew Telegdi and John English, have also promised to drop by.

Tomorrow morning, graphic services staff will be attending a meeting about copyright, and the copy centres will be closed until 9:15 a.m.

Speaking of graphic services, this startling news is just in: Darlene DeVries, of the engineering copy centre, is the winner of $759,000 in Lotto 6-49. Wonder whether that's enough to retire on. . . .

Another correction, alas

Make one mistake and you make two . . . in yesterday's Bulletin I got Michele Mosca's sex right, finally, and then I said that he was the valedictorian for science students. Should have said mathematics. For science, the valedictorian was Omar Rashid. Hope I finally have it right.

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