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Tuesday, January 2, 1996

New as of January 1

So, a new term is starting

Classes start tomorrow. Today, it's registration in the "upper blue activity area" of the Physical Activities Complex, for undergraduates. The registrar's office is suggesting that students in arts, science, environmental studies and independent studies register today; students in engineering, mathematics and applied health sciences, tomorrow.

Late fees begin this Friday!

Need a WatCard? "We will be running two camera sets at the Student Life Centre January 2-5," says John Cunningham of the food services department, who's in charge of issuing cards for students, staff and faculty. "Students can get their cards either at SLC (9-4) or at the WatCard office that week. As well, on January 2 we will be producing cards at Village I."

What's open on this first day?

Pretty much everything. And the bookstore has extended hours today and tomorrow: open until 7 p.m. Food services has all its outlets open today except Tim Horton's in Optometry, the Matthews Hall coffee shop, and Bon Appetit in the Davis Centre (although Tim Horton's will be open there).

Senate executive will meet

It's back to talking about serious stuff. The executive committee of UW's senate -- the senior academic governing body -- will meet today at 3:30 in Needles Hall room 3004. On the agenda: reports from the president and provost (doubtless including some words about finances), routine academic appointments, a presentation from Renison College, a report from the university librarian about "Resource Sharing Between Ontario Academic Libraries", and plans to have Bonnie Patterson, president of the Council of Ontario Universities, as guest speaker at the January 15 senate meeting.

Planning report is available

The Commission on Institutional Planning has made another of its "working group" reports available electronically. The report of the working group on graduate studies and research can be found through UWinfo under Commission on Institutional Planning.

"The usual proviso applies," says Heather White, the commission's secretary. "The recommendations in the report have not been endorsed by the commission at this point, but because of the extensive consultation and discussion that went into these reports, they represent some of the best information we have on what aspects of the university are most valued and what sort of an institution the UW community wishes to have."

Special day -- special year?

It's a special birthday, I'm told, for Debbie Clermont of the optometry clinic. All the best to her!

And every year is a special one, the more so when it's a leap year. Do you realize there are just five years left in the century and the millennium? Yes, five, not four, because the year 2000 is really part of the twentieth century, not the 21st. Destiny, here we come.

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