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Friday, January 12, 1996

All this and good food too

UW's food services department has unveiled a plan to become "the best campus food services in the world" and also start turning over big dollars to the university's operating budget. Food services staff members heard about the plan at a general meeting Wednesday afternoon.

The plan for "re-engineering food services" has received approval from UW's executive council, says the director of food services, Mark Murdoch. He plans "to transform food services over the next five years, organizationally, operationally and physically".

Among the features of the plan: a Stakeholders' Advisory Committee to help the department know what customers want; an emphasis on service and "continuous improvement"; renovations to one outlet after another, including some work this summer; moving the department's headquarters from the General Services Complex to Village I next year; investing $3 million in the next three years (and planning to pay it back with interest).

At the end of the five-year period, food services will be turning $1.5 million a year over to the university's operating budget, Murdoch says. Revenue this year was $8.2 million. Murdoch foresees reducing the number of food services staff through retirements, but not layoffs, and intends to increase sales to students (outside residence) by 25 per cent and to faculty and staff by 100 per cent.

Got something wrong yesterday

Mentioning a few of the courses being offered this winter by the distance education office, I said in yesterday's Bulletin that "The Digital Darkroom" was being taught by Glenn Anderson of computing services and "Larry McNair" of environmental studies. Don't know where that glitch came from, but Bob McNair's first name is still Bob.

Staff training programs

Marg Letter of the human resources department sends word that there are vacant slots in a number of staff training programs set for this term:
Stress Management -- January 23, February 2, 23 and April 3
Get to the Point, Keep to the Point -- February 13 and March 7
When I Say No, I Feel Guilty -- February 15, March 21
Connections -- Quality Customer Service -- Feb 12, 14, 16
Frontline -- Core Interpersonal Skills -- Feb 13 to March 26
Working -- Core Interpersonal Skills -- Feb 5 to March 4
Making Organizational Impact -- Jan 25 to Feb 15
Dealing With Emotional Behaviour -- February 22
Coaching: Bring Out the Best in Others -- March 12 and March 27
Personal Strategies/Navigating Change -- January 31 and Feb 20
Mastering Individual Performance -- February 29 to March 14
Working Smarter -- February 7 and March 6 and April 4
Team Advantage -- January 24, January 30
Basic Principles of Teamwork -- January 22, February 6
Playing A Vital Role in Team Decisions -- February 16
Raising Difficult Issues With Your Team -- February 9
The Challenge of Team Leadership -- February 14
Making the Most of Team Differences -- February 21
Helping Your Team Reach Consensus -- February 28
Get to the Point, Keep to the Point -- January 30
To register, you can telephone Marg Letter at ext. 6645 or send in your registration form from the staff training and development brochure.

In a winter wonderland

Some outdoor activities this weekend:

And activities indoors too

The Computer Science Club has "SIGGraph Video Night" starting at 7 this evening in Davis Centre room 1302. ("Looking for a cheap place to take a date?" says the announcement; it's $2 at the door if you're not already a CSC member.) They'll be showing "state-of-the-art animation" and computer graphics.

At 8 tonight, the Twin Cities Kiwanis Club continues its Travel and Adventure Series in the Humanities Theatre, with a show about Nova Scotia. Admission $4.50, students $3.50.

And if you're looking for real thrills, the Federation of Students students' council meets Sunday at 12 noon in the multi-purpose room of the Student Life Centre.

There's also Athena and Warrior swimming in the PAC pool Saturday and Sunday, and the hockey Warriors host Laurentian at 2 p.m. Sunday in the Columbia Icefield.

A slightly new look

The Web version of the Bulletin looks a little different today -- I've introduced a format to match the brand-new UWinfo home page, which was installed yesterday by the UWinfo operations committee. Comments are welcome.

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