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Monday, January 15, 1996

Retirement applications counted today

Today's the official first day of the application period for the special early retirement program which will, it's pretty clear, change the face of UW this year. The estimate has been that 10 per cent of faculty and staff members will take the chance to retire early. That will help reduce UW's payroll as government grants go down.

Applications were actually being accepted all last week; there was "a good response", says UW provost Jim Kalbfleisch. Applications received January 8 through 12 will be included with the ones that come in by 4:30 today, and they'll all be ranked on a point system (age plus years of service) if by any chance there are so many applications that not everybody can be accepted before the money runs out. The pension fund has set aside $35 million to fund the special early retirement program.

Assuming that the money isn't used up today, applications will be accepted again tomorrow at the human resources office. And so on, day by day, until February 16.

By some time tomorrow, there's expected to be a report on how many eligible people applied for retirement today. Look for news in the Daily Bulletin on Wednesday.

Senate has special visitor

UW's senate meets tonight at 7:30 in Needles Hall room 3001. First item on the agenda: remarks by Bonnie Patterson, president of the Council of Ontario Universities. She's making her first public visit to UW since taking over last summer as the leader of COU, which represents all the province's universities. Presumably she'll have something to say about this year's government cost-cutting measures and the prospects for next year.

Also on the senate's agenda is the usual range of business, along with reports from Renison College and from the university librarian (about resource sharing among Ontario university libraries).

UW in search of a chancellor

Here's an official notice sent out by the university secretariat:
The University of Waterloo is seeking a Chancellor to succeed Dr. Sylvia Ostry whose term ends April 30, 1997. The new Chancellor will take office in the spring of 1997 for a three-year term. Duties include being a member of the Senate and Board of Governors, presiding at Convocation ceremonies, and chairing the Presidential Nominating/Review Committee.

Any member of the University community/UW alumni is invited to send nominations by March 15, 1996 to Lois Claxton, Secretary of the Chancellor Nominating Committee, University Secretariat. Nominees must be Canadian citizens. Nominations should be accompanied by a resume if possible. All nominations will be treated in confidence.

Life in the export sector

"Employment in the export sector has been growing steadily," says John Cullen of UW's co-op and career services department. "In 1994, Career Services established a working partnership with Canada's Technology Triangle Export Network -- a local network of exporting companies. That partnership has benefited UW co-op students and alumni by providing them with a practical orientation to Canada's export sector and its job creation potential through seminars and related work opportunities."

An "Export Info Night" is scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday) from 4:30 to 5:30 in Davis Centre room 1302; it'll be repeated in the same room Wednesday at 12 noon. Then this Friday and Saturday there will be three seminars that go into the issues in more detail. The Career Resource Centre in Needles Hall has more information and is accepting reservations.

MP and professor will speak

John English, UW history professor (on leave) and currently Member of Parliament for Kitchener, is the noon-hour speaker today at Kitchener Public Library. Each Monday sees a faculty member from either UW or Wilfrid Laurier University give a general-interest lecture at KPL. English's topic: "Modern Canadian History".

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