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Thursday, January 18, 1996

Candidates for Federation office

Five people are seeking the job of Federation of Students president for 1996-97, in voting that's set for February 13 and 14. The election campaign officially begins February 2.

Candidates for president include Mario Bellabarba, fourth-year engineering; Carla Chalmers, fourth-year arts; Brad Kelly, fourth-year arts; Brad Miller, fourth-year applied health sciences; and Josh Windsor, fourth-year arts.

The Federation will have three vice-presidents this year for the first time. The new structure replaces the current arrangement with two VPs and three "senior officer" positions.

Candidates for the job of vice-president (education) are Brendan Beasley, fourth-year environmental studies; Kelly Foley, fourth-year environmental studies; Xander LeRoy, second-year political science.

Candidates for VP (administration and finance) include Dan Bajor, third-year math; Mark Ferrier, fourth-year applied health sciences; Chris McGrath, fourth-year arts; and Jim Wilson, fourth-year science.

Three students are seeking the VP (internal) slot: Mahim Manchanda, fourth-year science; Tricia Mumby, third-year arts; and Julie Primeau, fourth-year arts.

The February election will also choose members of students' council, the Federation governing body.

Students also vote for senators

Along with the Federation election in February comes the choice of undergraduate student representatives on the UW senate. Three undergraduate students have been acclaimed to senate seats, and two other seats will be filled by election next month, the university secretariat says.

Acclaimed are Troy Seidle for applied health sciences, Tim Blair for environmental studies and independent studies, and Julie Samson for science. The elections are for a faculty of arts seat and an at-large undergraduate seat. Full information is available on the secretariat's Web pages.

Financial system draws closer

Department heads got a memo yesterday from Dorothy Battae, associate provost (finance), and Bob Elliott, associate provost (general services). Here's what they were told:
As you are aware the University is implementing a new financial system for the fiscal year beginning May 1996. In order to facilitate a smooth transition members of the Financial Systems Project (FSP) Implementation Team will be contacting all Faculties and Academic Support departments.

Initially, the key changes will be a new account structure and access to financial data. As the implementation progresses, we expect to offer enhanced reporting functionality and on-line transaction processing.

Our intended time line is to give a general system introduction in January. In subsequent months the process includes establishing new accounts and hands-on training for each area.

Further information regarding the FSP goals and objectives is available on the Web at http://www.adm.uwaterloo.ca/infofsp/fsp.html.

Should you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact either of us.

Also today, briefly . . .

Early retirement, morning after

The news is sinking in: 140 faculty and 200 staff members leaving UW this spring and summer. Speaking to the university senate on Monday night, president Jim Downey suggested that January 15, which was the deadline date for Special Early Retirement Program applications, would go down as one of the pivotal dates in the university's history.

In yesterday's Bulletin I said that civil engineering would be losing the largest share of its faculty, 14 out of 36. Actually, it's been drawn to my attention that the much smaller department of environment and resource studies is taking an even bigger hit, with five professors out of twelve leaving.

I'm sure it's just coincidence, but . . . on the day that UW was absorbing the news about these huge changes, the psychology department had a noon-hour brown-bag seminar, given by Mark Pancer of Wilfrid Laurier University. His topic: "Thinking Ahead -- Complexity of Expectancies and the Adjustment to Major Life Transitions". Major life transitions R us.

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