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Tuesday, January 23, 1996

Do you read the Record?

It's quite the coverage that the Kitchener-Waterloo Record has been giving UW lately. Two days in a row, the front-page headline: first president James Downey's comments to the Chamber of Commerce and the minister of education about how universities are being starved to death, then a day later the early retirement program, with "retire" in quotation marks in the headline.

Then on Saturday, the Record had a heart-warming front-page feature about the Village Community Outreach Campaign, which has raised $32,000 this year for Citizens Concerned with Crimes Against Children. "They were like angels falling out of the sky," CCCC organizer Judy Harding says about the Village dons and other residents who helped bring in the money.

Rose Simone, the reporter who writes many of the Record's articles about higher education, will be speaking on campus today, at 12 noon in Davis Centre room 1302. Her topic: "Feminism, the Mainstream Media and the '90s Backlash". She's sponsored by a lively collection of UW agencies: the faculty association, the Professional Women's Assocaition, the women's studies program and the advisor to the provost on academic human resources.

Board executive meets today

The executive committee of the UW board of governors has its regular meeting scheduled for 3:30 today in Needles Hall room 3004. On the agenda: preparations for the full board meeting on February 6; residence fees; a report on what's being done to ensure that UW doesn't violate some 14 federal and provincial laws; and of course a report on the budget situation and the special early retirement program.

Staff and faculty health insurance

Sandie Hurlburt of the human resources department sends this word about the extended health coverage that's now (as of January 1) being managed for UW by Prudential:
Employees are reminded that their new Eclipse pay-direct card can be used at all pharmacies in the Region that are connected to the Eclipse electronic billing system. Use of the Preferred Provider Network (PPN) pharmacies, which offer reduced dispensing fees, is voluntary.

Also, the Prudential cards replace your Liberty Health/Blue Cross cards. Your ManuLife card for dental coverage should be retained, and the ManuLife identification card used on dental claims.

If you have not received your pay-direct cards, please call Sandie Hurlburt at ext. 6120 or Tricia Loveday at 3134.

Gender relations event tomorrow

Does gender (sex?) influence career choice? That's the question to be addressed in "a discussion with a cross-disciplinary panel of UW faculty", set for tomorrow afternoon at 3:00. It's the third "Dialogue on Gender Relations" sponsored by the UW faculty of science, and is co-sponsored by women's studies and the interdisciplinary programs advisor.

Taking part will be Melanie Campbell of optometry, Fraser Easton of English, Naomi Mishamura and Prabhakar Ragde of computer science, Anne Zeller of anthropology, and (as moderator) Harriet Lyons of anthropology and women's studies. The panel takes place in Biology 1 room 271 and is to run an hour and a half, with refreshments following. Everybody is welcome, but admission is by ticket -- tickets are available from Helena Hahn in the dean of science office (phone ext. 2101).

Other notes on National Pie Day

Mathematics students, whose fall term marks weren't available with those of undergraduates in the other faculties, need wait no longer. Math marks can be picked up starting today at the registrar's office on the second floor of Needles Hall. And students from other faculties who haven't quite worked up the courage to collect their marks yet can do it any time.

A public meeting tonight at Bluevale Collegiate Institute looks at the future of the Bechtel Park wetland on the east side of Waterloo. Graduate students from UW and Wilfrid Laurier University, advised by George Mulamoottil of the school of urban and regional planning, are doing a study of the area.

Job posting #4 is available this morning in the co-op department in Needles Hall, as the spring work term draws ever nearer. Employer interviews will be starting Monday.

And for faculty and most staff members: tomorrow's payday! The January pay date was advanced by two days, from Friday to Wednesday, because December's pay is just a distant memory by now.

Chris Redmond
Information and Public Affairs, University of Waterloo
(519) 888-4567 ext. 3004

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