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Friday, June 7, 1996

Faculty association opposes cut

There's no need for a general cut in faculty salaries in order to pay for "progress through the ranks" pay increases, says the president of the faculty association, Ian Macdonald. The provost of the university, Jim Kalbfleisch, said earlier this week that the administration will be suggesting such a cut -- likely around 2 per cent -- when faculty salary negotiations get going.

"Our preliminary analysis indicates that the university's finances can more than fully fund the PTR increases with no scale cuts," Macdonald says in a memo this morning. "Faculty members should recognize that Kalbfleisch's comments are not statements of fact -- they are merely the initial position of the UW administration for the 1996-97 faculty salary negotiations."

The FAUW president says he welcomes the provost's "belated commitment" to PTR increases, but "I would find it more persuasive if they had not steadfastly refused to include the mandatory PTR increases in their 1996-97 budget." (The budget was approved by the board of governors on Tuesday, without a line specifically marked for the PTR pay increases. Those are the increases by which junior faculty members typically move from F, the minimum salary for a professor, to 2.2 times F over a 20-year period.)

Macdonald also said that while "the gross cost" of PTR increases this year would indeed be around $1.2 million, that's not "the correct actual net cost", which this year would be zero because of savings from retiring professors' salaries. (On the other hand, those savings do seem to be accounted for elsewhere in the budget already.)

Ron's dons get together

This is the weekend for the long-awaited roast of Ron Eydt, warden of residences for lo these thirty years, who's retiring this spring. The event happens Saturday night as part of "The Ultimate Dons' Reunion", being held in the Village II conference centre for as many as 500 people who have served as dons under Eydt's benevolent dictatorship.

Parties make up a pretty good part of the weekend agenda, it appears, with the highlight being the banquet and roast tomorrow evening in the Physical Activities Complex. The program says the evening will be "hosted by the master of ceremonies, Dean Hartry. Includes presentations from Dr. James Downey, various Dons, and a rebuttal from the man of the night."

Saying a few more goodbyes

Says a flyer: "You're invited to a celebration for Joan Selwood as she embarks on the carefree life of a UW retiree." (The flyer naturally pictures a beach chair and flipflops, equipment that I doubt Selwood is using on this damp day, but what the heck.) Friends are invited from 3 to 4:30 this afternoon on the Needles Hall third-floor patio, or in offices nearby. Selwood was secretary to UW's provost and associate provost (academic affairs) until her retirement a few days ago.

Another retirement party gets going this evening at the Dundee Country Club: a dinner-dance in honour of a considerable platoon of retirees from the earth sciences department. They include John Greenhouse, Gwilym Roberts, Peter Russell, Ted Appleyard, Nadia Bahar, Marilyn Bisgould, Peter Fisher, and Ian Gibson.

Other notes for the weekend

And I'm sorry to report that I was wrong when I said that the optometry school's one-day research symposium was taking place yesterday. Guess I shouldn't believe everything I read. In fact the event is today; at least 110 optometrists and other scientists are visiting Waterloo to hear a day of presentations.

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