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Friday, June 14, 1996

State of the financial statements

The first departmental financial statements from UW's new financial system will be along pretty soon, says Roy Wagler of the data processing department. And starting "in late June", there will be -- as promised -- on-line enquiry so that departments can see the state of their budgets right up to date. Wagler sends this update on behalf of the financial systems project team:
The financial year-end is being closed at an accelerated pace this year with completion scheduled for early June. This plan has been implemented in order to expedite conversion of financial information to the new General Ledger system.

Conversion of budgets, commitments and balances will be completed for most areas by the end of June at which time the new system will reflect a more complete financial picture for users. The first operating and research statements from the new financial system will be produced after the June month-end with other statements being generated as needed and/or appropriate.

The online GL inquiry facilities of the FSP (including budgets, commitments and actual expenses) will be rolled out in late June, thereby providing users with another tool for accessing their financial information and status.

Also, the project team has prepared a short document that describes why the University has changed its account numbering system. It is available in the FSP Web space in "Financials Implementation Project" section.

Here and there on campus

The jackhammers are still pounding in the Biology greenhouses, where a crew has been fixing a water leak. And this morning there's a new damp patch, between Needles Hall and Modern Languages; a backhoe has just arrived to dig up what's presumed to be a broken water main under the sidewalk.

The Federation of Students continues with its "awareness week", today concentrating on the Feds' academic side and the portfolio of vice-president (education) Kelly Foley.

The conference centre in Village II ("Ron Eydt Village") is busy as always. Moving in tonight: some 300 delegates for a convention of the Amateur Winemakers of Ontario. Also on the weekend: a group from the London Cycling Club. And some 200 people from the Ontario Federation of Secondary School Athletic Associations move in on Sunday.

Volunteers are wanted

Invitations from the local Volunteer Action Centre: The VAC can be reached at 742-8610.

Walking the Web at Waterloo (2)

If you're starting from the UWinfo home page and want information about the department of chemistry, you could of course choose "Search", the last link on the page, and type in the word "Chemistry". Result: "about 600" possible matches returned by the Alta Vista searcher, which include excerpts from the university calendar, "Chemistry Employment Wanted", and "Chemistry 358L Laboratory Schedule". But for an overview, what you want is the chemistry department's home page.

Find it by clicking on "Faculties, departments, colleges, interdisciplinary programs" or, more easily, on "Organizational units, in alphabetical order", the fourth line under "About the University of Waterloo". That will take you to one of the most important of the backbone pages in UWinfo, the "Departments and Groups" list, which runs from Accountancy to Women's Studies (because UW doesn't have departments of Xerography, Yoga or Zoology). And there's Chemistry, right between Chemical Engineering and the Chinese Christian Fellowship.

The chemistry department home page offers such varied information as a list of chemistry professors, links to course notes for various courses, information about the Chem 13 News Exam (written by high school science students), and a "virtual tour" of the hazardous materials disposal facility in Earth Sciences and Chemistry. From there, it's not difficult to click on over to the pages for UW's safety office (which you could also have found from the Departments and Groups list, of course, under S for Safety). Or you can stick with the tour and see a series of photos and captions explaining what the waste disposal facility is all about. There's even a glimpse of Scott Paterson's fish tank.

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