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Friday, June 21, 1996

A pay boost for staff

For the first time since May 1992, staff members at UW are getting a pay increase. A memo went out yesterday from the provost, Jim Kalbfleisch, announcing a 1 per cent increase in salary scales for non-union staff -- and three extra days of holidays this year.

The increase is retroactive to May 1, the beginning of the 1996-97 fiscal year. Thanks to the Ontario government's Social Contract, staff pay has been frozen for exactly four years as of that date (and reduced through "unpaid days" for some of the time).

Staff members will see the money in their paycheques starting in August (with a retroactive payment for May, June and July included in that end-of-August cheque). At least, "we hope" all the paperwork can be done in time, says Catharine Scott, associate provost (human resources). "There's a lot of work to do between now and then," she added, because the salary increase process hasn't been used since 1992. She noted that individual staff members' pay increases depend on the results of their performance evaluations, and urged departments to finish up any evaluations that haven't been done yet.

The 1 per cent increase applies to salary scales. Individual increases depend on a staff member's performance ("merit") and current salary, above or below the "job rate" for that position. A very poor performer could get zero increase; the increase for an excellent performer whose salary is low in the scale could be as high as 6 per cent. The average, Scott said, will be about 2.5 per cent. "It's significant, I think," she commented.

The increase was worked out by the provost's advisory committee on staff compensation, and was approved on Wednesday by the executive committee of the board of governors. Among its provisions, besides the pay boost:

This morning I asked UW's president, James Downey, where the money for the pay increase will come from. "We'll have to reopen the budget and squeeze it a little harder," he said. As approved by the board of governors earlier this month, the 1996-97 budget includes a $756,000 contingency fund, not enough to pay for the staff increases (and faculty salary negotiations are still to come).

Does that mean there could be new losses of jobs as a result of the pay increase? "That can't be ruled out," Downey said. He added that negotiators in the staff compensation committee understood that possibility when they agreed on the package that's now been announced.

Waterloo's on the Web

The City of Waterloo has a brand-new site on the World Wide Web, just available this morning. The URL is http://www.oceta.on.ca/city.waterloo/. And what's that at the bottom of the home page?
University of Waterloo, Best University Overall In Canada
- National Reputational Ranking - 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, McLean's Magazine.
Also of possible interest are these pages that I've noticed lately on the Web:

Solar cars visit tomorrow

The Canadian Solar Discovery Challenge starts tomorrow in London, and the first stop will be Waterloo. Half a dozen solar-powered cars built by student groups at various universities are making time trials and attracting spectators as they make their way to Montreal, via Ottawa.

The Waterloo stop is at parking lot N, near Matthews Hall. Cars will be stopping by at various times between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. tomorrow, and visitors are welcome. UW's own Midnight Sun III isn't making the cross-country trip, but will be on display at lot N from 9 to 1. Other cars and projects built by UW engineering students will also be there, including the Formula SAE Car and Concrete Toboggan.

Now that summer's here

A few other things are happening, such as . . . And the city of Waterloo holds its annual Sounds of Summer festival Saturday and Sunday in Waterloo Park. Music starts at noon both days, with acts including U4EA, Big Sugar, Great Big Sea, The Mahones and Sue Foley. There are two stages for performers, both on the west (Westmount Road) side of the park, plus KidsFest closer to Laurel Creek. In addition, Sounds of Summer includes an arts and crafts fair, a midway, and "great food" (the Bavarian Gardens will be licensed to serve liquor). Admission is $10, kids 10 and under free. Parking is off Seagram Drive and Father David Bauer Drive.

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