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Tuesday, June 25, 1996

Hey, the sun is shining

Looks like a tolerable day for the library staff picnic, which was rained out last week and rescheduled for this afternoon in Waterloo Park. Not much else happening on campus; the faculty of mathematics has an information session this afternoon (3:30, Math and Computer room 5158) for people who'd like to know more about the possibilities of graduate work in math.

Local agencies seek volunteers

Wanted this week by the Volunteer Action Centre: More information is available from the VAC at 742-8610.

Walking the Web at Waterloo (5)

From the UWinfo home page, you can go via the "Alphabetical list" or you can look for "Faculties", and either way soon get to the applied health sciences home page at http://healthy.uwaterloo.ca/. It's one of the livelier major home pages at UW, created by retired faculty member Norm Ashton, who also can take credit for the home page of his own department, kinesiology. If your browser (Netscape 2.0, say) is equal to it, you'll see on the AHS page a photograph that changes every few seconds to provide a sort of slide show of life in the AHS faculty.

The page includes links to those departments and units in AHS that have pages of their own, including the Museum and Archive of Games, which in turn offers "Samples from the Museum's Photo CD Archive". These are photographs taken for the museum by Gerry Hagey, UW's founding president, who got very serious indeed, after retirement, about his photographic hobby. (Should you want to know more about Hagey, you could find it by hunting up "President's Office" in the Alphabetical List of departments, then choosing "Dr. J. G. Hagey" under "Past Presidents".)

Another link from the AHS home page is labelled "Course Web Pages", and here you'll find links to on-line material about several courses offered in the faculty, including Jay Thomson's Kinesiology and Health Studies 346 -- which, in turn, has links to such useful resources as a series of Web pages about vegetarianism. And if you click on the link labelled "Guess What This Is", you'll see a "magic eye" photograph come to life on your screen.

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