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Thursday, June 27, 1996

Memo from the faculty association

Ian Macdonald, president of the faculty association, has sent out a memo to tell "all regular faculty and other academic staff" about a few matters of concern:

The coordinator for disabilities

An announcement from Catharine Scott, associate provost (human resources and student services), in a memo just received:
I am pleased to announce the appointment of Rose Padacz as Co-ordinator for Services for Persons with Disabilities. Rose has worked in the Department for five years as the Disability Resource Administrator. Her wide involvement on campus entails disability issues, the Student Affairs Network Group (SANG), the Campus Health Initiatives Project (CHIP), the Health and Disabilities Resource Centre. As well, she is a member of the Independent Living Centre Board of Directors and a member of the Inter-University Disability Issues Association. Rose can be reached at extension 5231 and her e-mail address is rmpadacz@watserv1.
Padacz succeeds one of the best-known figures on campus, Florence Thomlison, who's just taken early retirement.

Walking the Web at Waterloo (6)

The "Alphabetical list of departments and groups" can be reached from the UWinfo home page, and may also be worth bookmarking directly; it's at http://www.uwaterloo.ca/uw_infoserv/deptpages.html. From the Advanced Database Research Group to the Women's Association of UW, it lists the units at Waterloo that have a Web presence, large or small. One particularly snazzy page is maintained by the Badminton Club.

If you choose the teaching resource office, you'll find a particularly varied collection of links offered, including information about TRACE itself, a facility for searching the office's 9,000-item library of materials about teaching and learning, information about "learning technologies" and "telelearning", and an extensive list of UW courses with Web home pages. The list is organized by faculty and department, and can take you to -- for example -- the home page for Anthropology 330, which in turn will lead to instructor Robert Park's page of WWW Resources of Interest to Anthropologists. It has pointers to information about primates, archaeological careers, aboriginal studies, and even that popular reference work, the CIA World Factbook.

Another course with a home page accessible through TRACE's listing is Systems Design 422, where the instructors have provided not only the course outline and assignment deadline dates, but excerpts from the official lecture notes, and even the text of previous years' midterm and final exams. A list of "Related Links" includes a pointer to the home page of the PAMI group (that's Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence), but most users will find themselves refused admission. Instead, they have to go all the way back to the "Departments and groups" page and choose the slightly different link to PAMI that's provided there.

Two further notes about web-walking:

On the day of the Nanisivik marathon

Hey, is anybody from Waterloo actually running in the "Midnight Sun" marathon at Nanisivik today?

Co-op students are invited to munch and chat with their coordinators and other co-op department staff at a barbecue to be held at Federation Hall today from 12:30 to 2. Early-comers get free food; others have to pay.

The "Christmas in June" sale by the bookstore and UW Shop continues in the South Campus Hall concourse.

The Bon Appetit "food fair" in the Davis Centre has closed for the season; yesterday was the last day for Chopsticks and the other outlets there, until after Labour Day. Tim Horton's in the corridor nearby remains open, and through the summer will expand its menu a little with sandwiches and soup.

Note for Irish history buffs: today is the 150th birthday of Charles Stewart Parnell.


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