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Monday, March 4, 1996

Hockey Warriors triumph

It was 4-1 over Laurentian on Saturday night, and 5-1 over Trois-Rivieres on Sunday afternoon, as the Warrior hockey team took the Ontario Universities Athletic Association championship. Now . . . on to the national championships, to be held in Toronto next weekend. UW will play the University of Calgary Dinosaurs on Saturday, and could face Trois-Rivieres again on Sunday in the championship game if the Patriotes can get past the Acadia Axemen.

The basketball Warriors weren't so successful on Saturday, ending their season with a 69-67 loss to Western in the OUAA semifinals.

An eye on your vision

Vision Awareness Week (VAW) runs from March 3 to 9 this year, and the focus is on UW's optometry school. This annual event is meant to educate the public about eye safety and overall visual health. Each year, the Canadian Association of Optometry Students (CAOS) at UW arranges presentations at nearby high schools during the week. In addition to learning about diverse topics such as: the anatomy of the eye and the role of optometry in the health care system, students are given hands on experience with actual optometric equipment.

This year, in addition to high schools, CAOS has started a pilot project with the Waterloo County school board to speak to children in grades 4-6 about eye safety, coping with blindness and visual imparment, and how the visual system works. A display at Fairview Mall is planned for Saturday, March 8, says optometry student Shawn Charland, who can be reached at ext. 3178 for more information.

And it's women's week

March 8 each year is marked as International Women's Day, and the events now spill over into a full week -- declared "International Womyn's Week" by the free-spellers at the women's, or womyn's, centre of the Federation of Students.

Among this week's events:

On Friday and Saturday, the focus shifts downtown; there will be the annual "Womynfest" coffee house Friday evening, and a "Womyn's Health Fair" on Saturday, in the Kitchener city hall rotunda.

Talking about newsgroups

An open meeting is set for today, starting at 11:45, to talk about Usenet newsgroups (computer "bulletin boards"). The ad hoc working group on news management, set up by the University Computing Committee, is looking for comment about its draft report, which can be found on UWinfo under "Documents" or "Departments . . . Computing Services".

The working group is tentatively recommending that UW

Make newsgroup importation and expiration decisions selectively by evaluating content. . . . One could begin by identifying the top hierarchies and newsgroups in terms of volume, and then evaluate their worth to the University community through a committee that would seek user comment. We suggest that newsgroups and/or hierarchies be rated using a simple scheme, such as "high value", "medium value", or "low value". . . .

Once a sufficiently large list of newsgroups and/or hierarchies of low value have been identified, a list of newsgroups and/or hierarchies to be no longer imported could be publicized for comment. Suggestions, including those made anonymously, could be received and analyzed. Finally, a decision could be made to remove some number of the largest groups. There should be a mechanism to appeal decisions about newsgroup importation.

Notes on Ta'anit Esther

The "continuous placement phase" continues for co-op students still in search of spring term jobs. A note from the co-op department:
If students choose to take part in job referrals, hand in 20 copies of your resume package and completed Student Skills & Interests form to Co-op Paging Desk between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.
And in other matters -- says here it's National Procrastination Week. Maybe I'll write something about that tomorrow.

Chris Redmond
Information and Public Affairs, University of Waterloo
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