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Thursday, March 14, 1996

Reorganization of co-op department

The proposed new structure of the department of co-operative education and career services, reported in yesterday's Gazette, is official now. Bruce Lumsden, director of CECS, says the plan has had approval from UW's top management and has been circulated to the staff in the department. The final version isn't much different from the proposals reported in the Gazette.

Said Lumsden in a March 8 memo to his staff:

Our organizational structure must be responsive to the fluctuations that occur within and around the University environment. An unstable economic climate, inefficient deployment of our human resources, increased emphasis on accountability to our fee-paying students as well as a firm desire to position our University well in today's competitive co-op market necessitated this review and the proposal to restructure the CECS department. . . .

We will be going through some turbulent times as the University experiences pressures of a magnitude not known to us before. Some of the traditional structures of the University may in fact change which no doubt will affect the CECS department.

The next step is appointment of the three senior managers who, with Lumsden, will make up the department's "executive group". The three will head the new major units that will make up CECS: "field services", "program services" and "systems and administrative services". Lumsden said yesterday that he expects to have those appointments made "in the next few days or so" and that the three leaders will all come from within the department.

Art show is opening

"Through the Generosity of Others" opens today at the UW art gallery in Modern Languages. It's an exhibition of works from UW's permanent collection -- many of which have been seen over the years on the walls of various offices and lounges around campus. There will be an informal opening reception at 4:00 this afternoon in the gallery; all are welcome.

About retirement benefits

A meeting that was announced for today, for people "concerned about health benefits, the early retirement package and the problems the University has created for us", has been postponed. It will be held March 21, a week from today, at 4 p.m. in Math and Computer room 4058, says the organizer, John Towler of Renison College.

To talk of many things

Birthday greetings today

It's a special day for Kay Harrison of computing services. It'll be her last birthday as a UW staff member, as she's taking retirement April 1. Harrison joined the university in 1969 on a part-time basis, and worked for what was then "office services" in at least 11 different departments. In 1975 she joined computing services, later moving to its spinoff, the Computer Store, and last year back to DCS itself. A goodbye celebration for her is planned at the University Club on Thursday, March 28, from 4 to 6 p.m. RSVPs go to Pat Lafranier at ext. 6433, pllafran@dcs1.

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