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Tuesday, March 19, 1996

Four distinguished teachers

The 1996 winners of UW's Distinguished Teacher Award were announced at last night's meeting of the UW senate meeting. And here they are: It's the 21st spring that DTAs have been awarded; presentations will come at the May convocation ceremonies.

News is coming soon

UW president James Downey told the senate meeting that there will be an announcement "before the week is out" about restructuring of UW's administration. Several top appointments will be necessary because of the retirement of one vice-president and all four associate provosts; a fifth associate provost was not replaced when his term ended more than a year ago. And several senior department heads are leaving as well.

Downey is expected to announce what positions are being created and which departments will be responsible to them; then applications will be invited for the senior posts.

On another matter, Downey said an announcement would come March 29 about UW staff and faculty with high salaries. Under an Ontario "sunshine" law passed in November, public sector institutions have to make public the names and salaries of everyone who earns more than $100,000 a year. Most Ontario universities will be issuing the information for 1995 on the morning of March 29.

Fees ready for approval

The board of governors executive committee meets this afternoon, getting ready for the April 2 board meeting, and will see a proposal for 1996-97 tuition fees. Highlights: Next fall, undergraduate students in engineering would be paying $2,019 per term in tuition and co-op fees; those in regular arts programs in most faculties, $1,468 per term.

The year of the comet

Comet Hyakutake is on its way to the vicinity of earth, and some astronomers expect it to provide a more spectacular show than Halley's Comet a decade ago. The astronomy and astrophysics group in UW's physics department is making the most of the occasion, with special tours scheduled for next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 8 p.m.

Students vote for senators

Engineering students will vote later this month for an undergraduate representative on the UW senate; see the details in tomorrow's Gazette or through UWinfo under "Secretariat".

And across campus, there's going to be a re-vote for two student senator positions as the result of "irregularities at a number of polling stations" when the original vote was held last month. Up for grabs is a seat representing arts students and one representing undergraduate students at large. Again, the information is in tomorrow's Gazette and on UWinfo under "Secretariat".

Two lectures given today

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