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Thursday, March 21, 1996

Administrative changes set

UW's new administrative structure is announced in a memo sent to department heads yesterday by the president, James Downey, and provost, Jim Kalbfleisch. The full text of the memo is available on UWinfo under "Documents", and will be in next week's Gazette.

The memo says what's being done to replace the four associate provosts who are retiring (and a fifth who left office last year). "A single chief academic and administrative officer", the vice-president (academic) and provost, continues at the head of the structure with the president.

Six senior positions are being created as of May 1. One is an expansion of a job that already exists; one is being filled by a temporary appointment; and four will be advertised. (A memo should be out tomorrow inviting applications for three of the positions, with an application deadline of April 5, Kalbfleisch said this morning.)

"Fewer administrative positions" will result from the reorganization, the memo says, as several department heads will not be replaced. A quick outline:

Associate provost, human resources

Catharine Scott, currently director of human resources. She also will take charge of payroll, and such units as health services, counselling, and athletics. (Many of these services currently report to the "associate provost, student affairs", Peter Hopkins; that title is being eliminated.) "On an interim basis" the director of development and alumni relations will also report to Scott.

Associate provost, academic and student affairs

Position to be advertised. In charge of library, registrar's office, co-op, student relations. (Robin Banks is currently "associate provost, academic affairs", with a similar portfolio.)

Associate provost, general services and finance

Position to be advertised. In charge of plant operations, financial services, purchasing, central stores. Reporting to this associate provost will be Jane Manson, currently director of budgets, heading a combined department of budgets and financial services. (Currently Bob Elliott is "associate provost, general services" and Dorothy Battae is "associate provost, finance".)

Director of business operations

Bud Walker, currently director of data processing, for a two-year term. In charge of ancillary operations including residences, bookstore, graphic services and food services, as well as "revenue-generating and cost-saving opportunities for UW". (These services currently report to the associate provosts for general services or finance.)

Associate provost, information systems and technology

Position to be advertised. In charge of computing services, data processing and telephone services. DCS and DP "are to be reorganized"; there will not be new directors. (The post of "associate provost, computing and information systems" existed until Johnny Wong finished his term last year and was not replaced.)

Associate vice-president

Position to be advertised later this year. In charge of undergraduate affairs, interdisciplinary programs, academic department reviews; replaces the present "advisor for interdisciplinary programs".

The memo says there hasn't been a decision yet about whether the vice-president (university relations) will be replaced. "Similarly, a decision on how best to replace the Warden of Residences in order to ensure that residence life continues to have the leadership needed will be delayed."

Looking for your OSAP?

If you are waiting for funds from the Ontario Student Assistance Program, "please check with the Student Awards Office each week, preferably Thursday," says Joanne Wade from the second floor of Needles Hall. "Due to the Ontario public service union labour dispute, the Ministry is not mailing notices of OSAP to students."

Got the wrong department

Yesterday's Gazette briefly noted the death on Sunday of Don Amoroso, retired faculty member from the psychology department. Unfortunately, the printed text for some reason associates him with the "chemistry" department. Psychology it is. The funeral Mass was held yesterday afternoon at a downtown Kitchener church.

About retirement benefits

Anyone "concerned about health benefits, the early retirement package and the problems the University has created for us", is invited to an information sharing meeting this afternoon: Math and Computer room 4058, starting at 4 p.m.

Says John Towler of Renison College, who's organizing it: "This is an informal meeting. Our goals are to . . . discuss our mutual concerns; determine why the University has taken this position; discuss how and where to get private coverage; seek support from the Faculty Association; determine how to get health coverage for outside Ontario; explore our legal options; plan the next actions." Towler can be reached at 884-6411, e-mail jotowler@watserv1.

On the Persian and Baha'i new year

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