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Wednesday, March 27, 1996

"The Crucible" opens tonight

It's opening night for the drama department's final presentation of the season, Arthur Miller's "The Crucible". The American classic on the Puritan witch-hunt, though set centuries ago, addresses the universal themes of truth, hypocrisy and morality -- and in the stark, black-and-white tones for which Miller is famous. "The play's simply about good and evil and how it relates to the value of someone's word," says Calvin Sweers, who plays John Proctor. "It's about keeping your values or selling them out to save yourself."

Jennifer Clark, who plays John's wife Elizabeth, says the play is a journey of dealing with self-doubt. "In our acting, we have to strive for antithesis, though showing subtle levels of consciousness." Director Darlene Spencer picks up the thread: "It's a difficult play for actors because Miller's writing can be melodramatic. He talks about the blacks and whites and we have to fill in the greys."

"The Crucible" runs until Saturday at the Theatre of the Arts in Modern Languages. Tickets and information are at ext. 5808 or 888-4908.

A look at the budget

The senate finance committee is scheduled to meet this afternoon -- 1:30 p.m., Needles Hall room 3001. All the movers and shakers will be there: the deans and associate provosts, the faculty and student members of the committee, members of the senate long-range planning committee (who get invited to finance committee meetings because you can't plan without money, or something), and "stakeholder representatives" from staff, student and faculty groups.

A draft of the university's 1996-97 budget may or may not be ready for the committee to talk over. Advance material was supposed to be distributed last week, but just wasn't ready, as deans were still working away at trimming their spending, and income information was still awaited.

What's on today's calendar

The comet is still within viewing range and with the skies finally clear, visitors to the observatory open house (Physics building, 8 p.m.) might get to see it. Also today:

Here's to you, cupcake

"Hard to believe," Michele Grondin writes from the food services office, but Brubakers in the Student Life Centre has been open for a year as of today. "In honour of this occasion, we will be holding a huge birthday party all day. We will be giving away prizes, as well as having special menu items. These specials include an egg salad roll, coleslaw, carrot and celery sticks and a 16-oz. fountain drink for $1.99, or a slice of pizza with coleslaw, carrots and celery and a 16-oz. drink for $1.99 at lunch. Our dinner special is prime rib of beef, yorkshire pudding, potatoes, and a medley of vegetables with a special dessert for $7.95. We will also have birthday cupcakes for all. Donations of 25 to 50 cents per cupcake are requested, with all proceeds going to Citizens Concerned with Crimes against Children. Residence volunteers will be accepting the donations."

Elsewhere in the world of food services, it's Indian food night at the Village I and II cafeterias, with food provided by Vijay's restaurant.

Whither learning technology?

The teaching resource office (TRACE) is sponsoring a talk on "Computer Supported Intentional Learning Environment", by Peter Rawley of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Monday at 3 p.m. (Math and Computer room 5158). That's straightforward enough -- but if you browse the TRACE web pages a little, you're also going to run into an announcement of a conference sponsored by, it says, the Society for Technology and Learning in Hither Education. (Come a little closer, little one, and register now.)

Serious stuff to end with

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