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Friday, March 29, 1996

UW salaries over $100,000

This morning UW is making public a list of employees who earned more than $100,000 in 1995. Most universities are doing the same thing today; like other public institutions covered by a new Ontario "sunshine law", they are required to publish a list of names and salaries by March 31 each year.

There are 52 people who earned more than $100,000 last year, with president James Downey heading the list. It also includes both vice-presidents, the eight deans, three of the associate provosts, the university librarian, the director of computing services, and 36 professors.

The highest salaries on the list, in order:

A brief news release about the salary disclosure quotes Peter Sims, the Kitchener lawyer who is chair of UW's board of governors: "The University of Waterloo is a well-run university with a first-class reputation that brings credit, academic acclaim and economic growth to our community. The salaries of the president, senior administrators and professors are competitive with those in similar positions in Canadian post-secondary education. . . .

"If you want to attract and keep first-class, capable people then you have to remunerate them accordingly."

The full list of 52 names and salaries (plus taxable benefits) is available through UWinfo under Provost's Office.

Friday at the end of term

For more than a thousand UW students, and more than a few professors, it's the last day of classes -- ever. Lectures for the winter term end today in the faculties of mathematics and engineering. Now, all that lies ahead is exams, and then convocation. (Students in the other four faculties still have classes Monday and Tuesday.)

Among the faculty members who won't be teaching after this term is John Brzozowski of computer science, and I hear that some of his admirers showed up at his last lecture yesterday with a posy of helium balloons to show their appreciation.

Today, across campus, it's Think Summer Day, sponsored by the Community Campaign, through which staff, faculty and retirees have supported the university with gifts of almost $3 million over the past four years. If you see people dressed in what's euphemistically called "summer casual" today, that would be why.

Music from student ensembles

Performing groups from the department of music at Conrad Grebel College are showing their mettle tonight and tomorrow. This evening at 8, it's the UW Stage Band, performing "cabaret-style" in the great hall of Conrad Grebel College, with music by Moe Kaufman, Jim McGrath, Spyro Gyra, Hal Leonard and Duke Ellington. Tomorrow night at 8, it's the University Choir, whose concert will be at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in downtown Kitchener. On the program: Missa Luba, described as "a mass in Congolese style with tenor soloist and percussion", and Ariel Ramirez Misa Criolia, "a folk mass based on traditions of hispanic America".

Today and this weekend

Ralph Stanton, who turned math from a "department" into a "faculty" at UW, will be speaking to math students and faculty today (2:30, Math and Computer room 2066) about the early days of mathematics here. Wonder whether he'll also give a definitive answer about which of the several candidates held by various old-timers on campus is the real, the one and only, Pink Tie.

Today from 4 to 6 p.m. in the Festival Room, the dean of arts hosts a reception for Dean's List students and the 1996 arts faculty and staff retirees.

Sunday evening in the Humanities Theatre, Shantero Productions present "A Canadian Tribute to Glenn Miller", the big-band leader who was responsible for the likes of "String of Pearls" and "Chattanooga Choo-Choo". A 22-piece orchestra recreates the Miller sound; John McNab and The Fabulous Moonbeams provide the vocals. Tickets for the 8 p.. concert are $23.50 (from the Humanities box office, ext. 4908).

Local volunteers wanted

Current requests from the Volunteer Action Centre:

What's in the Bulletin

I try to balance the serious news with light-hearted stuff in this Daily Bulletin, but it's hard to know which way to lean. A memo arrived from a faculty member a couple of days ago, urging me to banish the "trivia" that he sees here. Readers' comments are welcome.

And as the Ontario public service strike nears its end, have a pleasant weekend of spring and freedom. . . .

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