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Thursday, May 2, 1996

Graduate students choose leaders

The Graduate Student Association, which earlier announced that Burton Empey of the philosophy department would be its president for 1996-97, has now named the rest of its executive. There are four vice-presidents:

Co-op department says goodbye

Eight staff members who are leaving the department of co-op education and career services through the special early retirement program are guests of honour at a reception this afternoon. It starts at 4:30 at the University Club. (Last-minute RSVPs and information: Edith Hohendorn, ext. 6062.)

Those leaving include three of the department's senior staff, the "program administrators": Brock Fuller (applied health sciences and teaching), Randy Klawitter (mathematics and accounting), and Dick Pullin (science). Also leaving: Bob Grant, Bob Mateyk, Graham Murphy, Alan Prins, and Beverlie Robertson. A ninth person from the co-op department, long-time staffer Marlene Bryan, is also retiring, but isn't part of today's event.

Partly because of the big hit the retirements are making, the co-op department is in the process of reorganizing. Names and titles of the new executive group in the department are expected to be announced any day. Unlike most UW departments, however, co-op isn't having to make an across-the-board budget cut, meaning that replacement of the people who are leaving should be possible. Co-op is specially exempted from the 7 per cent cut, in the budget that was approved by the senate finance committee last week.

Looking ahead to June

The seventh annual Matthews Golf Classic is set for Wednesday, June 26, says a flyer that turned up yesterday. The tournament, aimed at faculty, staff, retirees and hangers-on, is run as a "scramble", meaning that all the members of a four-person team tee off at each hole and the team decides which of the four balls will be played for the second shot. (In other words, the real duffers don't have to be terminally embarrassed 18 times.) Play will start at 11:45 at the Elmira Golf Course, and the day winds up with a 6 p.m. dinner. Tariff: $35 for the day, $23 for golf only, $15 for dinner only. Jan Willwerth in computing services (jan@dcs1, phone ext. 2376) can provide more information.

Jeremy Troy's still lying

The Home Groan Theatre Company production of "Here Lies Jeremy Troy", co-sponsored by Waterloo Showtime, opened last night in the Humanities Theatre and continues tonight through Saturday at 8 p.m., Sunday afternoon at 2.

And students are still registering

Today's the day for mathematics and arts students to trek over to Needles Hall and pay their fees, the registrar's office says. Tomorrow: students in environmental studies, science and applied health sciences. Late fees, starting at $10 a day, start on Monday, May 6.

Notes from the registration newsletter:

To borrow books from the library, you must have a valid ID card. To register your ID card, go to the circulation desk of either the Davis Centre or Dana Porter Library. . . .

Undergraduate Calendars will be distributed to full- and part-time students form the Registrar's Office. Each undergraduate student can obtain one free Calendar in the period March 1996 to March 1997. The free transaction will be recorded. If a student who has been issued a Calendar requires another copy during this period, she/he will have to purchase it from the UW Bookstore.

Retail price of the calendars is $7 plus tax.

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Information and Public Affairs, University of Waterloo
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