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Tuesday, May 7, 1996

Prof loses appeal of dismissal

An arbitrator has ruled against [Adrian Bondy photo]Adrian Bondy, of UW's department of combinatorics and optimization, and in favour of the president, who last year issued a letter dismissing him from his job at UW.

Bondy becomes the first faculty member to be fired from the university since Leo Johnson twenty years ago.

A full decision from arbitrator Michel G. Ficher, of Adjudication Services Ltd. in Toronto, has not been made public. The dean of math yesterday released a copy of a brief letter from Ficher: "I have come to the decision that the appeal of Professor Bondy must be dismissed."

According to letters from an associate of Bondy's and from the dean of mathematics, published last fall in the Gazette, the issues in the case include Bondy's acceptance of a teaching post in France, and the acceptability of someone who is on UW's faculty payroll holding a full-time job elsewhere.

Under UW's policy on tenure, the dismissal of a faculty member starts with the dean -- in this case, Jack Kalbfleisch of the faculty of mathematics. The case is then heard by the president, acting on behalf of the board of governors. If the president approves dismissal, the faculty member can take the case to outside arbitration, which is what Bondy did. Hearings were held earlier this year.

Bondy, a faculty member at UW since 1968, is a specialist in graph theory. He served as chair of the C&O department from 1979 to 1982. He is now at the Universite Claude Bernard in Lyon, France.

The day of the budget

Ontario finance minister Ernie Eves will bring down his first budget this afternoon. His speech in the legislature is scheduled to begin at 4 p.m. The budget is expected to concentrate on tax changes -- particularly, the long-promised reduction in personal income taxes -- rather than on any new spending cuts.

Back here on campus, a few things are happening:

Oh, and it's deadline day for co-op students (with a few exceptions) to hand in work reports from the winter term. Reports are due by 4:30 p.m. Tomorrow, the co-op department says, the "master copy co-op record" for each student will be available beginning at 10 a.m.

Because I like to count

A week from today is census day in Canada, the every-five-year attempt to count all the people in the country and collect information about age, language, employment, housing and other matters. Millions of questionnaires are being distributed, to be filled out and returned by mail on the May 14, and individual enumerators are also heading out to find people who might be missed by other means.

Anyone living on the UW campus next Tuesday will be counted in the census, says Leanne O'Donnell in the housing office: "Statistics Canada has sworn in and hired personnel (i.e., Village Dons) to collect the census data." They'll hit the Village I residence, the conference centre in Village II, the Columbia Lake townhouses, the Minota Hagey residence, the church colleges, the Tutors' Houses and the Married Student Apartments.

Says O'Donnell: "All individuals (international students included) living at any of the above noted will be counted and required to complete a Census 1996 form."

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