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Tuesday, May 14, 1996

Counting Canada's millions

Today's the day Canadians count themselves: the quinquennial Census Day. More than 11 million households and 280,000 farms are receiving questionnaires, says Statistics Canada, which issued a news release in the name of the Dominion statistician, Ivan P. Fellegi:
Four in five households will receive a short census questionnaire, containing seven demographic questions, while one in five will receive the long census form which has 55 questions. The long form contains new questions on population group (visible minority population); unpaid household activities, child care and care and assistance to seniors; mode of transportation to work; and Aboriginal identity. Farmers will also receive a Census of Agriculture questionnaire which collects information on farm land use, crops, livestock, paid agricultural labour, and land management practices.

"The census provides a statistical portrait of our country and its people," says Dr. Fellegi. "Because the census is conducted every five years and the questions are similar, it shows the important changes that have occurred in Canada's population over time."

On the UW campus, the residence dons are among the Canada-wide army of sworn-in census staff who will be distributing and collecting questionnaires. Whether you're living in residence for the summer, or spending a single night here at a conference, the census will include you.

Faculty and staff members who get the "long form" questionnaire will find themselves needing to know the precise address of the university for the question on where they work. It's 200 University Avenue West, Waterloo N2L 3G1.

Co-op appointments are announced

Two associate directors have been named in the department of co-op education and career services, which lost most of its senior staff to early retirement and has just undergone a reorganization.

In a memo dated Friday, co-op director Bruce Lumsden announced these appointments effective May 1:

A third associate director, with the portfolio of "program services", will be named soon; that person will be in charge of program coordinators and training.

Said Lumsden:

To maintain the necessary structure to support the administration of the co-op programs offered by the Faculties, three positions of Program Co-ordinators have been created. These positions will be responsible for maintaining the strong on-campus relationships with the Faculties and students.

John Westlake has agreed to serve as Senior Program Co-ordinator for the Faculty of Engineering. . . . Two positions of Program for the Faculties of Arts, Mathematics and Accounting and for the Faculties of Applied Health Sciences, Environmental Studies and Science will be open for competition.

The loss of nine people from the department has obviously affected our flexibility in reorganizing. The original recommendation of the review was to have four Program Co-ordinators; we have reduced that to three and we will not be replacing three senior managers.

What else is happening today

Says the co-op department: "All students going through interviews must submit one copy of their Resume Package in the Co-op Drop Slot outside Co-op Reception by 8 p.m."

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