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Friday, May 24, 1996

Convocation today for science

This afternoon's convocation ceremony -- 2 p.m., Physical Activities Complex -- will see the awarding of degrees from the science faculty, and a whole series of special awards: Speaking to convocation as valedictorian, on behalf of the graduating class, will be Kim Getty of biology.

Tomorrow morning, it's mathematics

Saturday sees two convocation ceremonies, with the morning one (10 a.m.) being for degrees from the faculty of mathematics. Among the special honours to be handed out: Valedictorian on behalf of the graduating class will be Craig Kaplan (computer science and pure math).

And in the afternoon, engineering

The last convocation ceremony of the spring, starting at 2 p.m. tomorrow, will see degrees awarded in engineering. Among the special honours tomorrow (and there may be others of which I'm not aware, since the program hasn't come back from the print shop yet): The weekend's convocation ceremonies will be the last at which Trevor Boyes and Bruce Lumsden place hoods, representing newly-earned degrees, over the heads of hundreds of graduates. Boyes, UW's long-time registrar, is retiring this spring, and Lumsden -- formerly associate registrar, now director of co-operative education and career services -- says he's dropping out of convocation duties.

Another convocation tradition comes to an end with the retirement of Bruce Pinder, whose last duties for UW will involve the detailed arrangements for tomorrow afternoon's ceremony. Pinder is the person who supervises the marshals, sees that diplomas and hoods are in the right places, keeps the lineups straight and counts the chairs. At yesterday's ceremony, he could be seen frantically adding a few chairs to the platform seconds before the procession came up the centre aisle of the gymnasium -- and everything worked out perfectly, as it generally does. Today being his last weekday in UW's employ, his colleagues in the registrar's office have found time to decorate his office fittingly. Now they have to figure out how to plan fall convocation without him.

Birthday for a prominent figure

Ron Eydt, who will be front and centre as he carries the mace up to the convocation platform, marks a birthday today (a date, though not a year, he shares with the late Queen Victoria). Eydt is retiring this spring after a long career not only as mace-bearer but as UW's warden of residences; he was also formerly a professor of biology.

To celebrate his years in charge of the Villages, the annual dons' reunion in June will be something special this year. Organizers are describing it as "Eydt Night: The Ultimate Dons' Reunion", with events June 7-9 that include a Saturday night banquet and roast. To spread the word, there's a Web site and a toll-free phone number (800-565-5410).

Among honours Eydt has already received is the creation of the Ron Eydt Travel Award, a bursary for students taking part in exchange programs; former dons attending the June reunion are being encouraged to boost the fund.

Also in today's news

Very briefly: And happy Shavuot, for those observing the "Feast of Weeks".

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