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Tuesday, April 8, 1997

New vice-president is named

Ian H. Lithgow will become UW's vice-president (university relations) on August 1, a memo from the president announced yesterday. Lithgow has been a vice-president at York University for the past dozen years.

Said the president's memo:

Mr. Lithgow will have responsibility for strategic development and coordination of initiatives to generate external support for the University. The Executive Director of Development and Alumni Affairs and the Director of Information and Public Affairs will report to Mr. Lithgow. He replaces Roger Downer who retired from this position in 1996.

Mr. Lithgow is currently Vice-President, External Relations, at York University, a position he has held since 1985. Previously he served as Vice-President, Public Affairs, at the Ottawa Civic Hospital. Mr. Lithgow comes highly recommended, and I look forward to working closely with him.

A college is a university

The oldest part of the University of Waterloo is now a "university" itself.

St. Jerome's College, founded under that title in 1864, has been "the University of St. Jerome's College" in recent years, and that's still the official title, says Dave Augustyn, its public relations officer. Ah, but the unofficial name is changing: "On 6 March 1997," he says, "the members of our College Council unanimously agreed to begin using 'St. Jerome's University' in everyday practice."

Why the change? "We hope that this change in usage will help people in the community and prospective students to think of St. Jerome's as the outstanding university that we are. We are neither a community college like Conestoga College, nor a secondary school like Ridley College. We are a university and proud of it!"

St. Jerome's is "federated" with UW, meaning that it retains the legal right to grant its own degrees. But that right has been held in abeyance since it became the first of UW's church colleges, in 1960. Unlike the other three church colleges, which are "affiliated" with the university and don't have degree-granting powers even in theory, St. Jerome's also ranks as a member of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada in its own right. So "St. Jerome's University" it is.

Check the Web site, though, and you'll find it still welcomes you to St. Jerome's College. . . .

Memorial service is today

A memorial service will be held this afternoon for Jeffery Waller, a graduate student in chemistry, who died March 28 in a bicycle accident. The service begins at 3:30 p.m. at the Minota Hagey Residence, where he lived.

"In memory of Jeff," says co-worker Lynda Steele, "we ask friends, colleagues, staff and faculty if they would like to make a contribution to the Starlight Foundation . . . an international non-profit organization dedicated to brightening the lives of seriously and terminally ill children." Steele, at ext. 5086, can provide more information.

Other notes as winter returns

The drama department continues to present its end-of-term cycle of three one-act plays. Today at 12:30, it's "Picasso at the Lapin Agile" by Steve Martin. Both tonight and tomorrow at 8, "Picasso" shares the stage (serially, not simultaneously) with "Out of the Flying Pan" by David Campton and "A Marriage Proposal" by Anton Chekhov. All performances are in Studio 180 in the Humanities building, and admission is "pay what you can".

A get-together begins at 4 this afternoon, in Davis Centre room 1301, for students who might be interested in forming a local chapter of the Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs.

Now a clarification, in case anybody was misled by something I said in yesterday's Bulletin about the status of staff members who are laid off from UW. The term "preference", about future job applications, isn't used in the current rules set out in Policy 18. Staff whose jobs disappear do keep "internal" status, meaning that they rank with current staff members in applying for vacant UW jobs, for a period that depends on how long they worked at UW (and can be as long as 18 months).

Well, that's it -- and as of today, that's it for winter term classes, in the four faculties where they hadn't already ended last week. For some hundreds of students, today will be the last day they'll ever attend a university lecture. (There's always continuing education, guys.) Best of luck on the exams. . . .


April 8, 1968: The observatory atop Physics building is dedicated, as a national gathering of astronomers is held at UW.

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