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Friday, April 11, 1997

Getting closer to a budget

A draft of UW's 1997-98 budget should be distributed early next week, says provost Jim Kalbfleisch. The senate finance committee is to meet Thursday morning to discuss it.

"Obviously there's still a number of question marks," the provost said yesterday, pointing out that salary negotiations with faculty and staff aren't finished yet -- in fact, faculty negotiations haven't even begun. May 1 is the first day of the new fiscal year and the date when annual salary adjustments are supposed to take effect.

One question mark has just been eliminated, and the answer wasn't altogether happy for Waterloo. The Ontario government has told UW that its operating grant for the coming year will be $105,889,090, which is some $400,000 less than Kalbfleisch and his colleagues had been counting on. Why the drop? "That's what we want to know," he said yesterday. The office of institutional analysis and planning is looking at the calculations, some of which involve changes in rules and programs that go back several years.

In total, Ontario government grants for post-secondary education are being kept at the same level as in 1996-97.

Software firm makes a pledge

A reception this afternoon will celebrate a pledge of $400,000 from the software firm Sybase, Inc. to UW's faculty of mathematics. "The donation," a news release says, "will contribute to key programs at the University of Waterloo including student scholarships, research projects, the Canadian Computing Competition and the Canadian Mathematics Seminar."

Mitchell Kertzman, president of Sybase, will be at this afternoon's event, which starts at 3:00 in the Davis Centre lounge. Demonstrations of student high-tech projects are planned, along with "executive speeches highlighting the importance of partnerships between Canadian industry and education".

The local branch of Sybase, with its offices on Phillip Street, was formerly Watcom Inc., UW's earliest software spinoff company. "The talent that comes from the University of Waterloo has been vital to our success," says Ian McPhee, vice president and general manager there. "We believe our support of young intellectual talent will ensure continued success for both Sybase Waterloo and for the technology industry in Canada." Some 95 per cent of Sybase's local research-and-development staff are Waterloo graduates, and the firm hires about 35 co-op students each term.

The new Sybase contribution to Waterloo will go for student-related programs and research activities involving the Internet and relational databases, being carried out in the computer systems group.

Fed Hall does as the Romans do

A team of fourth-year architecture students is turning the cavernous interior of Federation Hall into "areas of unique character" today, to show off what they've learned during a term in Rome. At the same time, the brief transformation -- just long enough to hold a party there tonight -- will give some ideas for how Fed Hall might be renovated later this year.

"What we took from Rome was the understanding of the way space informs use and users," says Rosaline Hill, one of the 47 students who spent the fall term in Rome. Most UW architecture students take part in the Rome program, and mounting a short-term exhibition of the ideas that come home from the Eternal City has become a tradition.

For tonight only, the Fed Hall mezzanine becomes an exhibition area for students' design work, while smaller, more intimate spaces are created in what's usually a broad dance floor downstairs, through the installation of hanging black panels and a big silver screen and stage curtain. Tickets for tonight's event, which includes snacks and dancing as well as a chance to admire the venue, are $5 at the door. It all starts at 7:30 p.m.

That'll be the frosty Friday

What's what on the first day of exams:

An open house on the student computing environment is being held by the information systems and technology department this morning, starting at 10:00 in Davis Centre room 1302.

The Pragma Council, which advises the UW school of urban and regional planning, winds up its spring meeting today in the Environmental Studies I conference room. An "overview of key issues and concerns" is to be provided by John Sweeney, former Ontario minister of municipal affairs, one-time planner in residence at UW, and current chancellor of St. Jerome's College. My apologies, by the way, to anybody who was misled by a version of yesterday's Bulletin that said the Pragma dinner last night was being held at the Waterloo Inn. In fact, it took place on campus, at the Laurel Room.

The annual geography teachers' symposium at Wilfrid Laurier University is taking place today, with the theme "The Grand as a Heritage River".

All ready for the weekend?

Cecilia sends word that there was an omission in the "forthcoming" list of classical music events in this week's Gazette. The concert by vocalist Anne-Marie Donovan, announced for Friday night at the St. Jacobs Schoolhouse Theatre, will be repeated Saturday night.

Conrad Grebel College will hold its baccalaureate service Sunday afternoon (3 p.m. in the great hall) to honour some 73 students, associated with Grebel either as residents or through taking its courses, who are graduating this spring. A reception follows in the dining hall.

The Tamil Students Association will play host Sunday as the Canadian Hindu Society celebrates the Tamil new year. The activities take place in Davis Centre room 1302 starting at 3 p.m.; admission is free. On the program will be prayer, speeches (including remarks by Palaniappan Kannappan of the pure mathematics department), music and food. More information: tramanat@undergrad.math.

Three UW students (Julie Bauer, Tracy Seymour and Nancy Seymour) are in Montreal this weekend, playing for the Waterloo Debs in the national ringette championships. The team was undefeated in the recent Ontario finals, and as Ontario's champion it played Quebec on Tuesday, winning 2-1.


April 11, 1996: The library holds a luncheon to honour 20 staff members who are leaving through early retirement.

April 12, 1962: Engineering II is officially opened by Ontario premier John Robarts.

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