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Friday, January 10, 1997

That was a snowstorm

The overnight storm gave southern Ontario "near 15 centimetres of snow", the weather office says -- anglice, six inches. For that much snow, the result isn't horrendous this morning, and UW police say there were no incidents of interest overnight. Today's forecast: "cloudy with occasional snow . . . reduced visibility in drifting snow".

The grounds crew has four snowplow drivers working a night shift, and outside plow operators are contracted to clear several of the larger parking lots. The rest of the grounds crew come in at 7:30, or earlier after a big snowfall. Today, as the working day begins, the ring road is pretty clear, but most stairways and sidewalks haven't yet been touched by a shovel.

Plant operations is still looking for more "casual" staff to wield shovels starting at 7:30 on snow days. Anyone interested in such work should sign up in advance, by calling the grounds section at 888-4567 ext. 2537.

Month of self-denial begins

With today's new moon, our Muslim colleagues -- many of them represented by the Muslim Students Association -- begin the month of Ramadan. From dawn to sunset every day this month, Muslims will abstain from food and drink and try to "restrain evil intentions and desires". The usual daily routine is replaced by a pre-dawn meal ("su-hoor") and after-dark fast-breaking ("iftar"), and some Muslims say that far from being an ordeal, Ramadan is the happiest time of the year, with fellowship and spiritual uplift.

Says a writer about Ramadan on the World Wide Web:

In Ramdahan, fasting from food, water and sex sets a context within which I can try to establish God's presence in my life. I also know that we are not supposed to only fast from food, drinks and sex, but from all lust, all hypocrisy, all lies, all dishonesty, all backbiting and all evil. To my surprise, I am able to achieve that to some extent. I can carry that for some months. I think it is like the fourth or fifth month after Ramadhan that it starts to slacken.

Forum talks of Lake Erie

An update on the state of protected areas in the Lake Erie basin will be reviewed at a forum today at UW. The day-long session at the Davis Centre is the fifth in a series on land use, resources and environmental issues in the Lake Erie watershed. Academics and other experts will give presentations at the forum hosted by UW's Heritage Resources Centre. There will be a report on mapping of parks and protected areas and a discussion of projects for the future and marine conservation areas.

If you really hate school . . .

Says Chris Puzzele: "I hate studying! I hate school! I think most of it's a waste of time because all it consists of is memorization and regurgitation. I realize, however, without good grades, the chances of success and accomplishing my goals in life are far more difficult. An education and good grades, whether we like it or not, is something we must achieve. So the best thing to do, regardless of what you think of school, is to get the best grades you possibly can (I show you how in my book), and get the hell out!" His book, Conquering College: Getting A's for Doing Zilch, is loudly promoted on the Web at http://www.geocities.com/wallstreet/5240/.

Other notes for a Friday

Sports: Thanks to the snowstorm and its effect on the highways, the hockey Warriors' game at York University last night was cancelled. Major events this weekend include an Athena volleyball game tonight against McMaster (Physical Activities Complex, 6:00) and the Waterloo-Guelph swimming invitational meet tonight and Saturday morning at the PAC pool (finals are Saturday afternoon in Guelph). The volleyball Warriors are off for a tournament at Ryerson, and the basketball Warriors play at McMaster tomorrow.

Travel: The Kiwanis "travelogue" series resumes tonight with a slide show on "Hungary, Land of Promise" -- Humanities Theatre, 8 p.m.

Music: "Mike Something" plays a matinee at the Bombshelter pub today, brought in by the Federation's Board of Entertainment. Saturday night, the big-name band I Mother Earth plays Federation Hall -- ticket information 888-4042. (Next Saturday, January 18: Our Lady Peace.)


January 10, 1995: An advisory committee tells the provost that a link between UW and the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College "could be of value to the work of both".

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