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Wednesday, January 15, 1997

New store opens today

The grand opening of Compu-Scape is set for 10:30 this morning, on the lower level of the Student Life Centre (specifically, in the space formerly occupied by the now defunct Campus Shop). Compu-Scape is a "satellite" location for UW's retail services department, which also operates the bookstore and the computer store.

The new shop will specialize in computers and computer accessories for student customers -- and just to get people in the mood, today there will be opening specials and giveaways ("first 50 customers receive a mouse pad and wrist rest, free") as well as a draw for an IBM ThinkPad 701c.

Today's lineups and deadlines

  • Fall term grade reports are available today for undergraduates in most faculties. If you're in arts, environmental studies or applied health sciences, you get your report from the registrar's office in Needles Hall, starting at 10:00. If you're in engineering, you get it elsewhere -- first-year students from the undergraduate engineering office in Carl Pollock Hall, fourth-year students from departmental offices. Students in mathematics and science have to wait another week, until their grade reports become available January 22.
  • Work reports are due at 4:30 today for co-op students in most faculties who were out on the job during the fall term. ("Check with your faculty's undergraduate office for the correct deadline date if the faculty will be marking your report," says the co-op department. That applies to mathematics, for example.)
  • Job posting #1 for spring term jobs will be available at 10:00 this morning on bulletin boards and through the computerized Student Access System.
  • Registration for most campus recreation programs begins with ticket pickup today (between 8:30 and 1:00) at the Red North corner of the Physical Activities Complex. (Guess what? Registration for staff fitness classes was last Friday, I've just learned.)

    Local volunteers are wanted

    Recent requests from the Volunteer Action Centre: For more information, and many more opportunities to volunteer, the VAC can be reached at 742-8610.

    The talk of the campus

    There's a new version of Policy 31, UW's travel policy. Among other changes, it boosts the rate that will be paid to staff and faculty travelling on university business; the new basic rate is 35.7 cents a kilometre. Also increased is the meal allowance, to $40 a day. A notice on page 2 of today's Gazette provides more details. . . .

    Tickets for FASS 1997 are now on sale at the Humanities box office. There are four performances of the show, "1001 Arthurian Knights", namely February 6 at 8 p.m., February 7 at 7:00 and 10:00, and February 8 at 8 p.m. All tickets are $8. . . .

    Staff members who started work at UW in 1986, and so have just reached their tenth anniversary, are reminded that there's a picture-taking Friday morning in the Physical Activities Complex (10:45 a.m.). This morning's Gazette includes a list of people who have been invited; Tricia Loveday in the human resources department, phone ext. 2078, would like to hear about anyone who may have been missed. . . .

    Don't know much about it, but apparently a number of local high-technology firms are sponsoring a job fair in the Student Life Centre today and tomorrow, with the slogan "Go High Tech, Stay Local". . . .

    The Waterloo Christian Fellowship presents the second of two Bible performances tonight in the Theatre of the Arts: a reading based on the book of Acts (shipwrecks, imprisonments, tongues of fire, fraud, politics, and theological and legal struggle). It starts at 8:00; tickets are $8 and $10.

    Sorting out UW's history

    There was something wrong, and maybe quite a lot, with the "Today in UW History" item I presented yesterday. It read thus:
    January 14, 1959: With an installation ceremony in the Theatre of the Arts for principal Wyn Rees, Renison College is founded. Its first home is a house on Albert Street.
    For one thing, the Theatre of the Arts wasn't even built until 1962! However, it is clear that Renison College received its charter January 14, 1959. I may have jumbled up that date and a later event -- I'm trying to figure out the sources and details, and will report the correct information when I can.


    January 15, 1955: Elsie Fischer (later Dodds) joins the staff of Waterloo College as manager of its little bookstore; when UW is created, she'll move to the new institution and manage its store for more than 25 years.

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