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Friday, January 17, 1997

That'll be a frosty Friday

A little more white stuff blew in yesterday and overnight on a cold wind from the north. The roads don't look too bad today, but I can now report on yesterday's incident on the icy ring road, in which a station wagon suffered extensive damage from a Kitchener Transit bus about 8:25 a.m. There were no serious injuries.

Marshall Gavin of the UW police says the bus was coming south (towards University Avenue, that is) on the engineering side of the ring road, and trying to take the sharp rightward curve by Carl Pollock Hall. The road being more than a bit slippery, the bus kept right on going straight, and slid into the driver's side door of the station wagon, which was heading in the opposite direction.

The eight passengers in the bus "all walked away" without injury and without sticking around to comment, Gavin said. The driver of the station wagon was not quite so lucky, ending up with glass in his eye. He was treated at UW's optometry school, though, and within half an hour was drinking a cup of coffee at the police station, in the company of the bus driver. "It's the weather, and nobody's really holding a grudge," Gavin reported.

About UW's new phones

Information systems and technology holds its open house at 10:00 this morning, in Davis Centre room 1302, about the planned new telephone system on campus. The big day is January 24, a week from today, when UW telephones will be out of commission for several hours starting at 7 p.m. for installation of a new central "switch".

After that, there begins the two-year process of putting new digital telephones on everybody's desk. "About 10% of campus extensions will be affected in the two weeks beginning January 27," says Bruce Uttley of IST, "another 50% of extensions in May of 1997 and the rest in May of 1998."

There's been some discussion of analog (traditional) faxes and modems, which a number of people on campus now have plugged into their phone extensions, though strictly speaking it's against the rules. Look for that issue to be raised at this morning's open house. IST advises that such devices won't stop working instantly with the conversion to the new switch next week, but they will stop working when individual phone lines are converted from analog to digital. And, to repeat, even now they're against the rules, on the grounds that the switch isn't designed for that heavy a load.

Sports on the weekend

The hockey Warriors beat Wilfrid Laurier University 6-1 last night at Waterloo Arena, the home of the Golden Hawks. A return match is scheduled for Sunday afternoon (2:00) at UW's Columbia Icefield.

The badminton Warriors and Athenas are off to Ottawa for a round-robin tournament this weekend, and the squash Warriors have a round-robin in London. Swimmers of both sexes will be at Laurier for a weekend meet, and the Nordic skiing teams have a "designated race" on the weekend. The basketball teams, both men and women, both have a pair of games at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay. The track and field teams, both Athenas and Warriors, have a meet in Windsor -- the Can-Am Classic. And the volleyball Athenas are off to North Bay for a couple of games against Nipissing.

These other things are happening

Briefly listed: Looking ahead to Monday, Tom Carey of the teaching resource office will lead a "telelearning research seminar" starting at 2:30 in Carl Pollock Hall room 4335. The topic: "Interactive Multimedia Case Studies for Learning about Process Innovations". He will report on a joint research project involving UW, the University of Guelph and the Bank of Montreal's Institute for Learning.


January 17, 1988: UW president Doug Wright is among educational and scientific leaders present in Ottawa when prime minister Brian Mulroney announces a $1.3 billion five-year plan to promote science and technology.

January 18, 1962: The board of governors agrees to consider a change to UW's name, to end the confusion with Waterloo Lutheran University.

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