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Monday, June 9, 1997

Q: What do you call a sunny summer day with a high of 28?
A: Monday.

'Even a few dollars a month'

[Keystone Fund logo] "The campus has many needs which affect our day-to-day operations," says a letter that faculty and staff members are receiving from the co-chairs of the Keystone Fund. "Even a few dollars a month from each of us really does make a difference."

In short, they'd like pledges -- new, renewed, increased -- to the Fund, which is the on-campus fund-raising appeal. "Last year," says the letter, "UW faculty and staff contributed over $270,000 to priority projects such as scholarships and awards, library support, and teaching and laboratory equipment."

A "Priority Projects List" mentions these, among many other ways that money can be put to use:

"If you are interested in assisting a particular faculty, college, or department, please inquire about other special projects you can support," says the brochure.

And the letter -- signed by Bev Marshman of the applied mathematics department and Doug Morton of the Davis Centre library -- notes: "Just as the keystone keeps an arch intact and strong, UW faculty and staff are providing essential support for Waterloo's future."

A quiz on the environment

"Where on campus can you borrow a reusable mug, take out a magazine and be served by happy, environmentally friendly staff?" That's question number 4 in the Canadian Environment Week quiz being conducted by the Student WatGreen Network, and I'm sorry, I have no idea of the answer. I can do a little better with number 9 ("Who is the University of Waterloo's Waste Management Coordinator?"), but I do think there are a couple of legitimate answers to number 10 ("When is Earth Day?").

Anyway, SWN is running the quiz to make people more aware of environmental issues -- and answers -- on campus. The deadline is today at 4:30, says Jeremy Steffler, third-year environmental engineering student who's organizing the thing. Copies of the quiz, if you didn't spot it on a newsgroup last week, can be picked up at the Student Life Centre. There are prizes from food services, Graphics Express, the bookstore, the SLC and the Federation of Students.

Named to the Academy

Two UW faculty members have been elected Fellows of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, says a news release on hand this morning. The status recognizes "achievements and outstanding contributions to the advancement of engineering and to the economic and social progress in Canada".

New Fellows this year:

Plaid Apple Productions presents

Tom Stoppard's play "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead", to be staged June 18 through 21 in the Humanities studio theatre, is the first production from a new theatre company "conceived of and run by University of Waterloo drama students".

The key figures are Tom Leslie, who will produce Rosencrantz, and Sean Vivian, who will direct it. "The idea was to provide another outlet for the abundant supply of acting, technical and creative talent boasted by the university. The long range plan is to create a professional company with strong ties to the excellent drama program at UW."

So, next week sees the production of the well-known absurdist play by Tom Stoppard, about two minor figures in Shakespeare's "Hamlet". "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are missing and presumed dead at the end of Hamlet. Stoppard's play finds them lost without memory, place or time vainly searching for answers, any sort of answers. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern examines the issue of human mortality in a manner witty and satirical yet poignant and at times dark."

It'll be staged Wednesday through Saturday of next week, at 8 p.m. in Studio 180 in the Humanities building. Tickets are $10 (students and seniors $8) from the Humanities box office. "Sales will also be made at the door but seating is limited so reservations are recommended."


June 7, 1967: The school of physical and health education holds a "sports celebrity citation dinner" at the Walper Hotel.

June 8, 1961: UW becomes a member of the National Conference of Canadian Universities and Colleges (later to be the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada).

June 9, 1971: The sculpture "Joy" is installed outside South Campus Hall. June 9, 1993: The proprietor of the "Black Orchid Escort Service" is evicted from the Married Student Apartments.

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