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Friday, June 13, 1997

Bad day for trains

Triple whammy today, friends, and that's not counting any bad karma that comes from the advent of inter-league play in major league baseball:

Fog, clouds, chance of a thunderstorm this afternoon and tonight. (But "Probability of precipitation zero percent" on Saturday, the weather people promise. And it actually appears to me that the sun's coming out; go figure.)

One of my colleagues, checking out people across campus yesterday, reports that "their eyes have that vacant look and they're mumbling formulas." Yes, it's midterm time!

And it's Friday the thirteenth. At least one university thinks Friday the thirteenth is something special, by the way.

Friday the thirteenth links

The superstition
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Here's the word from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, as noted in a Web page on customs and traditions: "Every Friday the thirteenth is Josiah S. Carberry Day. Carberry, Brown's traveling Professor of Psycho-ceramics, is a frequent contributor to campus publications and humbly refused the fourteenth (and every previous) presidency of Brown. On Friday the 13th -- and on February 29 -- students throw their change (pennies flow freely here) into cracked pots in the Rock; the money collected is contributed to a special library fund, which to date contains over $10,000."

Nobody wanted to tri

Well, eight people did sign up, but eight isn't enough for a triathlon, so tomorrow's event, planned by the athletics department, has been cancelled. It would have included an 800-yard swim (32 lengths of the PAC pool), a 20.5-kilometre bike ride (eight laps of the ring road), and a 3.1-kilometre run (two more laps of the ring road).

Brian Cartlidge in athletics says he doesn't quite know why the event wasn't a big draw, although some people may have decided to skip it in favour of Sunday's Waterloo 10-K Classic run. "Other than that, we don't really understand what the problem is," he said. Last fall, a similar event drew 35 participants, "plus all the swim team people -- we made them do it."

The department will try a tri again this fall, he says.

[Father's Day Special]
Graphics Express in South Campus Hall is marking Fathers' Day (that's Sunday) with some gift possibilities: customized T-shirts and mouse pads 20 per cent off. "Supply a photo or select from a wide range of clip art and add a personalized slogan."

Hey, do you think I ought to be charging for advertising like this on the Daily Bulletin?

And many other announcements

Today and tomorrow, UW will be represented at Conestoga Mall, the big shopping centre in Waterloo's north end, with display boards marking the 40th anniversary. Also on hand, says Nancy Elash of the community relations office, will be "some equipment from the Science Faculty, Distance Education, Co-operative Education, the Formula SAE car, and 40th Anniversary merchandise form the Bookstore. We will have Centre Court at the mall."

The voice mail system will be shut down Monday evening starting at 8 p.m., for about four hours, says Ginny Polai of telephone services. That also means calls to 888-4567 will go unanswered. The software behind the phone system is being upgraded again, says Polai. Questions or anticipated problems? She can be reached at ext. 6000.

Co-op employer interviews are continuing -- that explains all those folks in suits with serious expressions -- and so are workshops offered for students by the department of co-operative education and career services. Current titles include Job/Work Search, Networking, Researching Employers, Résumé Writing, Letter Writing, CV Writing, Interview Skills. The career resource centre, on the first floor of Needles Hall, has details.

Dance recitals continue in the Humanities Theatre, with Bojangles Dance Arts due in this weekend and the Academy of Dance on the 21st and 22nd.

Electrical power, heating, cooling and ventilation will be shut off in Engineering II and Engineering III from 8 a.m. to 12 noon tomorrow (Saturday), the plant operations department warns. "Some emergency power will be available. Computer equipment should be shut down in an orderly fashion."

The centre stairwell in Engineering I will be closed for repairs all next week.


June 13, 1995: The Waterloo Centre for Groundwater Research hosts the first annual get-together for its corporate and government partners.

June 14, 1982: Provincial sales tax is charged for the first time on meals eaten in the UW residences.

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