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Tuesday, June 17, 1997

Get that bike out of here

That's the gist of a memo circulated yesterday by the provost, Jim Kalbfleisch:
The Joint Health and Safety Committee has recommended that the safety policy statement of October 30, 1981, not allowing bicycles in campus buildings, be reaffirmed. This safety policy is incorporated into UW Health and Safety Program and Traffic and Parking Regulations.

This statement makes clear that bicycles are not to be taken into or parked in campus buildings. The only exceptions are the storing of bicycles in areas specifically designated for this purpose located in the residence facilities and the UW Bike Centre in the Student Life Centre. Departments administering buildings and the UW Police are authorized to remove any bicycles found within campus buildings and not parked in outside bicycle racks.

Further information on bicycle safety is available on the UW web site.

Members of the campus community are encouraged to forward any comments about these recommendations to the Joint Health and Safety Committee secretary, Sheila Hurley, Safety Office, or e-mail sahurley@mc1adm.

By the way: the URL for bicycle safety information wasn't quite right in the printed copy of Kalbfleisch's memo. It should be http://www.adm.uwaterloo.ca:80/infohs/hspm/documents/bicycle/bicycle.htm.

Assistant registrar is named

Reorganization and promotions continue in the registrar's office, where troops have been pretty thin on the ground since last summer's retirements, including several at senior levels. In the latest development, registrar Ken Lavigne has announced new duties for Nancy Greenley, already assistant registrar for the faculties of engineering and health sciences. She becomes assistant registrar for science as well.

Things are changing so fast that there's no organization chart for the registrar's office right now, but Lavigne has promised that one will be available eventually.

Computer chess expert visits

One of the leading figures in computer chess, Robert Hyatt of the University of Alabama, is visiting UW today and tomorrow. The main event during his stay is a "celebrity lecture" tomorrow morning, sponsored by the graduate student association in the computer science department. He'll speak at 9:30 in Davis Centre room 1350, on "Computer Chess: How Good are the Computers, and Why has This Happened?"

Hyatt is bringing along his own electronic Capablanca, which goes by the name of Crafty. A "chess evening" is planned tonight, says organizer Toby Donaldson from the CS department, although "we haven't quite decided where yet --- hopefully the grad house, or possibly somewhere not too noisy just off campus." He says anyone interested in knowing the details, when they're settled, should get in touch with him -- "especially grandmaster or above players", and I wonder how many of those we have on campus. He can be reached at tjdonald@neumann.

Faculty association session today

"Critique the faculty association!" writes Prabhakar Ragde, who chairs the association's Status of Women and Inclusivity Committee:
Is the Faculty Association working for you, or does it frustrate you? Could the Association revise its priorities so as to work better for you and other female faculty?

The Status of Women and Inclusivity Committee of FAUW invites you to an open meeting with FAUW President Fred McCourt, upstairs at the Grad House, 3:00 to 5:00 p.m., Tuesday, June 17. We hope that the informal setting will encourage a thorough and fruitful discussion of the current situation and ways in which it can be changed for the better. The agenda will be set by you. We hope to see you there!

SWIC members: Charlene Diehl-Jones (St. Jerome's), Prabhakar Ragde (Computer Science, Chair), Catherine Schryer (English), Susan Shaw (Recreation and Leisure Studies), Elizabeth Weckman (Mechanical Engineering).

And on Watergate Day . . .

A couple of Web pages of possible interest for those who follow Internet affairs: Electrical power, heating, cooling and ventilation will be turned off in Biology I from 6 to 10 p.m. tonight for maintenance on a 15,000-volt electrical substation. "Some emergency power will be available," says a memo from the plant operations department. "Computer equipment should be shut down in an orderly fashion."


June 17, 1983:A first-year math student dies after falling from the roof of the PAC about 1:30 a.m.

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