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Tuesday, March 11, 1997

They're meeting their Waterloo

It's welcome to Waterloo! today for thousands of future students, here for the annual Campus Day to find out whether UW is the university for them. It'll be a very full day for those who try to sample everything, along these lines:

8:00: Park in lot A; cross University Avenue to South Campus Hall; catch the first shuttle bus around the ring road.

8:15: Hop off at the Math and Computer building. Find the second floor to "register" for the mathematics faculty open house; then, more difficult, find the first floor for the promised refreshments (left home too early for that vital second cup of coffee).

9:30: Change faculties; walk north to Matthews Hall and arrive at applied health sciences in time for EMG monitoring (what's that?) and other lab demonstrations.

11:00: Another new faculty: back on the shuttle bus and down the ring road to environmental studies, just in time for a student-led tour of labs and studios.

12:00: Couldn't consider missing the Circus of Physics, as Phil Eastman comes out of retirement to delight the throngs visiting the faculty of science.

1:00:Stroll across campus and encounter parent, who is en route to session on "Financing Your Education". Realize it's past time for lunch; change direction and wind up at St. Paul's United College to refuel (and meet principal). Regret it isn't possible to eat at all four church colleges on one day.

1:40: Back across campus again. Walking muscles will be in great shape when this day is over. Arrive at Carl Pollock Hall in time for tour of the engineering faculty, starring the robotic olympics and an earthquake simulator.

2:00: Realize with horror that arts faculty events are winding up. Reach Modern Languages just as arts computing "Explore the Internet" session is coming to an end. Make note of the URL for UW's "information for prospective students": http://www.uwaterloo.ca/web-docs/uw_infoserv/prospect.html.

2:15:Get shuttle bus to make a detour to Ron Eydt Village. Wonder what's become of that residence called Village II where older sibling used to live.

3:00:Back to South Campus Hall to browse displays from library, bookstore, counselling services, athletics, etc. Pop into UW Shop and buy Waterloo jams to take home.

Staff elect a representative

There's been an extension in the deadline for ballots in the election of a staff member to UW's board of governors. The deadline was to be tomorrow, but a glitch in mailing some of the ballots means it's been extended to Monday, March 17, the university secretariat says.

Four candidates are seeking the position, one of two staff seats on the UW board. They are John Sellens of data processing (information systems and technology); Peter McCarthy of food services; Barry Scott of the research office (who is the incumbent); and Joe Szalai of the library's user services department.

Water shutoffs Wednesday and Thursday

The plant operations department advises that water will be shut off in various parts of several buildings over the next two days. Here's what's scheduled: Engineering I, water shut off Wednesday from 7:30 to 11:30 to repair a leak in a fire line; Engineering II, water shut off Wednesday from 8:00 to 10:00 in several washrooms and janitor's rooms as water is connected for a new handicap washroom in Carl Pollock Hall; Earth Sciences and Chemistry, water shut off Thursday from 8:00 to 10:00 in several rooms as water is connected for a new handicap washroom on the second floor; Chemistry II, water shut off Thursday from 8:00 to 12:00 in the entire building to repair a leak in a fire line.

Now, some shocking advice

The safety office has circulated a new first aid poster on campus, asking that copies be posted in all departments and laboratories. (Need more? Call Sheila Hurley at ext. 3587.) As a public service, here's one excerpt from the poster.

Electrical Shock

1. Turn off power.
2. Do not attempt to release victim unless power is off or unless a suitable non-conductor is available to use; otherwise you could become a victim as well.
3. Perform CPR if required.
4. Locate and cover entrance and exit burns with a dry, sterile dressing.

On Johnny Appleseed Day

Besides Campus Day, these activities stand out: Tomorrow at 1 p.m., "Arthur and D.W." visit the UW Shop, and small children are pretty likely to know who they are even if you don't. Reservations for meeting them: phone ext. 3914.


March 11, 1957: Accountant Bruce Gellatly -- later to be vice-president (finance and administration) of UW -- joins the staff of Waterloo College Associate Faculties. March 11, 1971: The UW senate approves a "compromise" grading system for use across campus, listing numerical equivalents for letter grades.

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