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Monday, May 5, 1997

Cheque please: $2,517.10

That'll be the total if you're registering today in the faculty of engineering (and if you're a Canadian or permanent resident). Full-time undergraduates in other programs will be paying somewhat less -- $1,877.85 for the term in a regular (not co-op) program in mathematics, for example.

Of the total, tuition fees make up anywhere from $1,614 to $1,767. Co-op students pay a $411 co-op fee, and the rest of the bill is made up of "incidental fees" -- student services, athletics, health insurance, copyright, student organizations, et cetera, and in several faculties also a "voluntary contribution" to quality-of-education funds.

Registration takes place in Needles Hall this term, not in the gymnasium as it does in the fall and winter. Undergraduate students do their thing at the cashier's wickets on the second floor of NH, graduate students on the first floor. "Once registered you will receive a receipted copy of your fee statement, and validation stickers for your WatCard and your UW Health card."

Need a new WatCard? Get it at the WatCard office in the General Services Complex. Planning to use the library? Get your card validated at the circulation desk in the Dana Porter or Davis Centre Library.

And now off to class, please.

Co-op staff are busy today

The co-op education and career services department "will be open for limited service only" today, says Dave Thomas in a note from the first floor of NH. The department will be shut altogether at noontime (12:00 to 1:00).

"The first day of each term," Thomas explains, "we have a Professional Development day. This term we having a speaker in from Corepath Systems, a department update on our systems development, a meeting with the AHS faculty and a session on Ergonomics in the workplace. The first week of the term is the only time of the term that our whole staff is on campus."

Senate executive will meet

The executive committee of the UW senate meets at 3:30 this afternoon (Needles Hall room 3001) to go over business that's on its way to the May meeting of senate itself. Among the agenda items: a list of 37 faculty members who are being promoted as of July 1 (26 from assistant professor to associate professor, and 11 from associate professor to professor).

The university's proposed budget for 1997-98 is also on the May agenda. Senate will see the lists of students receiving degrees at May convocation, for formal approval.

And there's a proposal from the management sciences department to offer its MASc degree ("management of technology") through what's described as "an enhanced correspondence style of delivery", with much of the course material reaching students over the Internet. "The distance education offering is to be conducted on a full cost recovery basis, i.e. tuition fees will cover all incremental costs to the University of Waterloo and a reasonable share of fixed overhead."

Talking of electronic information

The Presidents' Forum on Scholarly Communication is under way today in Ron Eydt Village, and I understand that the available seats were taken quickly, with especially strong interest from faculty members in the science areas.

"The phenomenal increase in the body of published knowledge," the conference introduction says, "combined with the advances in electronic and communications technologies have dramatically altered the behaviour of scholars and provide a wealth of opportunities for researchers and students. This evolution is not, however, painless; neither should it take place without direction from those individuals and institutions who will be most affected by its outcome."

So professors, librarians and administrators are gathering to talk about the publication of electronic journals and books, the use of databases,and "practical pedagogical applications" of computer technology. The one-day gathering is jointly sponsored by UW, Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Guelph.

Blessed is he who has found his work

(That's from Carlyle, according to my dictionary of quotations.) Larry Smith of UW's economics department will speak tonight on "The Future of Work: Trends in the Labour Force and a Liberal Arts Education in the Next Century". His talk is being given at Siegfried Hall, St. Jerome's, at 7:30 p.m. There will be a question period after the lecture; admission is free; everybody is welcome.

And other events and notes

David Brown of Brock University, who is a candidate for a faculty position at UW, will be speaking today on "Sustainable Integrated Waste Management in Thailand" -- he's part of a project to establish a "centre for industrial and environmental training" at Thailand's Burapha University. His talk will start at 2:00 in Environmental Studies I room 221.

As the term begins, the key control office in the General Services Complex is extending its hours and will be open through lunchtime this week and next.

The technology transfer and licensing office has announced a seminar on technology transfer to be held June 11. The event is "designed to assist University of Waterloo researchers make informed decisions regarding intellectual property protection and commercialization of research work". Two patent attorneys will talk about the technology transfer process at UW, patents, "determining the commercial value of inventions", and licensing. Faculty who would like to attend the three-hour event (1 to 4 p.m. that day, which is a Wednesday) should register by May 30 by sending e-mail to chale@mc1adm.

Staff members at Wilfrid Laurier University, who were certified as a union in the fall of 1995 and still don't have a first contract, were poised to go on strike this morning. But the grapevine reports that negotiators reached an agreement at 2 a.m. Saturday -- details have not been made public yet.

Negotiations between management and the faculty association at York University are on again, as new meetings with a mediator were scheduled to begin yesterday afternoon. Professors and librarians at York have been on strike since March 19.


May 4, 1966: UW's board of governors holds a special meeting with the premier and the minister of university affairs to ask for "immediate interim capital assistance to enable the University's building program to continue".

May 5, 1994: In the Year of the Family, the psychology department hosts the eighth biennial UW Conference on Child Development.

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