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Wednesday, May 14, 1997

About "this writer's life"

Ray Morgan lived in a stately home in Upper Beechwood, one of Waterloo's most prestigious districts. As soon as Shanna and Derek arrived, on a warm day that had threatened rain since dawn, Ray's wife Brenda took Shanna in tow. . . .

Brenda herself was well-dressed, well-coiffed and well-spoken, put together with as much care as the interior decorating. But Shanna knew that problems existed within the house. During the drive over, Derek had told her that Brenda and Ray were having marital troubles. . . .

-- Circles by Lauren Bauman (Harlequin Books, 1991)

By day, Illona Haus is undergraduate secretary in UW's department of English. By night -- and weekends, and vacations -- she's Morgan Hayes, an author of romance fiction, doing a job that's not as straightforward as some people think. She'll talk about it at noontime today, under the title "One Writer's Life: Disembodied Processes".

Haus's lecture (12 noon, Theatre of the Arts) is sponsored by the Friends of the Library, who present a speaker at this time every year to draw attention both to literature and to their work in support of the UW libraries. UW president James Downey was first in the series, in 1993; three faculty members have followed, and today's talk will be the fifth annual Friends event.

Rules about hiring committees

The provost yesterday circulated a set of "Guidelines for Staff Hiring Committee/Panel Interviews" that are supposed to be used when several people are involved in meeting candidates and helping to decide who gets a staff job at UW. The guidelines "were prepared in consultation with the Staff Relations Committee", said the provost, Jim Kalbfleisch.

Here's what the guidelines say:

Size and Composition of the Hiring Committee/Panel. In determining the size of the committee/panel, the nature of the position needs to be taken into account, particularly with respect to the involvement of members outside the department. In some cases, it may be appropriate to include external members when the position requires interaction on a regular basis with varied client groups. Under normal circumstances, the incumbent should not be included on the panel; however, situations may arise where this is necessary (e.g., the duties of the position are unknown to a new manager). If the hiring manager is not the direct supervisor, it may or may not be necessary for her/him to be a part of the committee/panel; in fact, it may, in some cases, be impractical. In all cases, a representative from Human Resources should serve as a resource to the committee/panel.

Information to Candidates. Candidates, particularly internal ones, should be informed of the names and positions of the committee/panel members. Candidates who have concerns about any member of the committee/panel have the right to voice this concern to the hiring manager or Human Resources. However, the decision to remove the committee/panel member is at the sole discretion of the hiring manager.

Decision Making Process. At the outset, the committee/panel should have a clear mandate (e.g., identify a short list for final interview by the hiring manager; make the hiring decision; make a recommendation to the hiring manager if the hiring manager is not a member of the committee/panel). Mindful that in some cases unanimity may not be reached, the committee/panel should operate in a consensus mode.

Committee/panel members should be present for all interviews. Advice and direction on the way in which interviews should be structured can be obtained from Human Resources. However, in all cases, interview structures should be identical for all candidate (e.g., the panel/committee should identify a list of questions to ask each candidate; introductory comments by the committee/panel chair should be similar; candidates should be given the opportunity to ask questions).

Confidentiality. All discussions and decisions reached by panel/committee members must remain confidential. Information relating to the candidates or the recruitment process should not be shared with any person outside the committee/panel. Information to the panel/committee from candidates or vice versa should flow through the chair of the committee/panel or delegate.

Back to work at York

Make-up classes at York University are starting today, as the strike by faculty members and librarians -- the longest-ever academic strike at an English-Canadian university -- comes to an end. There will be a week of make-up classes for winter term courses, followed by exams that will stretch into early June.

In a ratification vote yesterday, 75 per cent of York professors and librarians said yes to a settlement between the administration and the York University Faculty Association that had been proposed by mediator Kevin Burkett. A total of 734 votes were cast. They were also asked to vote on the proposition that "I express my lack of confidence in the current York University Administration, and I fully endorse YUFA's campaign to create a democratically governed University," and 80 per cent said yes to that one.

Faculty association members will head back to work with panache: a ceremony at the campus gates at noon ("planting of trees to commemorate struggle and renewal") followed by a parade: "Members are invited to wear academic gowns. New black and white t-shirts will also be on sale."

"The march symbolizes the rebirth of our powerful and united union. This shows that our struggle to reclaim the university for students and faculty is not over," says Janice Newson, spokesperson for YUFA. "Looking back over the 16 months since we began negotiations, the administration tried on many occasions to divide and break our union and they have failed."

The talk of the campus

In yesterday's Bulletin I said that Ginny Polai was "switchboard supervisor" in UW's telephone services. Wrong: her title is billings coordinator. The switchboard supervisor is Jean Theabeau.

Co-op students who will be taking part in interviews this term, with an eye to co-op jobs in the fall, should pick up the "master copy" of their co-op record today. These documents will be available on the first floor of Needles Hall starting at 10 a.m. (The co-op department also notes that a workshop on "researching occupations" starts at 12:30 today, in NH room 1115.)

A fund has been set up at the CIBC (bank) branch in the Student Life Centre to aid victims of the recent earthquake in northeastern Iran. Donations made to branch 06552, account number 34-11230, will be sent directly to the earthquake region by mechanical engineering professor Amir Khajepour and post-doctoral researcher Masoud Darbandi.

The research office is still welcoming registrations for the seminar it's offering June 11 on technology transfer. The event, running from 1 to 4 p.m., is "designed to assist University of Waterloo researchers make informed decisions regarding intellectual property protection and commercialization of research work". More information: Cathy Hale, chale@mc1adm.

A display in the Student Life Centre today, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., offers information on osteoporosis, or brittle-bone disease, including information on how to build strong bones (mostly: eat calcium-rich food). People can also pre-register for the Osteoporosis Walk to be held May 25 in Kitchener.

UW's Carousel Dance Centre presents a concert in the Humanities Theatre tonight and tomorrow night at 7 p.m., including "The Wizard of Oz", "Motion in Dance" (inspired by paintings of the Group of Seven, with music by the Rheostatics), and "The Gift" (inspired by poetry of Ruth Churchill Peppler, with music by Hagood Hardy). Tickets are $12, students $9, from the Humanities box office.

The Computer Science Club presents SIGGraph Video Night this evening (7 p.m., Davis Centre room 1302) with "some truly amazing computer animations from Siggraph '96". The event is "members only -- $2 memberships will be sold at the door".


May 14, 1996: The Ontario Labour Relations Board announces that a proposal for unionization of UW faculty has been defeated, by 361 votes to 287.

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