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Friday, May 16, 1997

The word on the weekend

[Queen Victoria] Monday, May 19, will be Victoria Day and a holiday. Classes will not be held at UW, and offices and most services will be closed.

As usual, right before the long weekend, UW's senior administrators aren't to be found on campus. Members of the executive council left Wednesday night for the annual planning retreat at the Kempenfelt Bay resort near Barrie. "That's why it's so quiet around here," someone on the third floor of Needles Hall explained yesterday.

Here, so far as I have them, are specifics of what's in operation at Waterloo this weekend:

  • UW police: on duty 24 hours as always, 888-4911.
  • Student Life Centre: open 24 hours, turnkey desk 888-4434.
  • Library: closed Monday; Porter and Davis libraries open Saturday and Sunday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Maintenance emergencies: phone ext. 3793, 24 hours a day.
  • Computer networks: call helpdesk, 888-4839, to report major outages.
  • Information systems and technology Customer Support Centre: open Saturday 8 a.m. to 7:45 p.m., closed Sunday and Monday.
  • Bookstore and UW Shop: closed Saturday, Sunday, Monday.
  • Graphics Express: closed Saturday, Sunday, Monday.
  • Food services: the only outlet open over the weekend will be the Ron Edyt Village (Village II) cafeteria, "to serve some conference delegates and any residents of Village One who are still around". Conferences: apart from the Tutte conference on mathematical graph theory, winding up tomorrow, the principal event is the Ontario Folk Dance Camp, drawing about 100 participants Friday through Monday.

    Big weekend for geologists

    UW will play a major role as the Geological Association of Canada holds its annual meeting in Ottawa, jointly with the Mineralogical Association of Canada, and marks its 50th anniversary.

    Says Peter Russell of UW's earth sciences department:

    The Waterloo Centre for Groundwater Research, an Ontario Centre of Excellence, is providing part of the celebratory entertainment at the Gala Banquet in the Ottawa Congress Centre. Chris Rawlings, Toronto folk singer, will sing rock and water songs from a music tape being launched at the meeting. Chris will also create special songs for the occasion including one for the presentation of the anniversary cake.

    Well if you live in southern Ontario
    There's a fruitcake at the bottom I'm told
    With precious gems like candied fruit
    And swirls of minerals like silver and gold
    It's all mixed up in Precambrian rock
    Two to three billion years old
    The layercake rocks show how the story of the earth unfolds.

    Living on a layercake
    Way down under the ground
    Living on a layercake
    Take a slice and look around.

    "Rocks and Water" is the title of the new music tape. The songs on the tape are devised to help primary and junior grade children learn about the changes that occur through the rock and water cycles. Song titles include Rock Cycle, The Saturated Zone, Living on a Layercake, Transformation, Sweet and Sour Rain, La Méthode Scientifique, Wetland Wonderland, Some Mountains, Groundwater Song, I am a Raindrop, By the Sea, Les Planètes, Earth Chant.

    Funding for this project was provided by the Canadian Geological Foundation, Waterloo Centre for Groundwater Research, Earth Sciences Museum, and Edviro Enterprises Inc. The project grew from the preparation of songs for use at the Children's Groundwater Festival held at the Agricultural Museum, Milton, Ontario, in 1994 and 1995. Leanne Gelsthorpe (WCGR) and Peter Russell of our Earth Sciences Museum assisted Chris Rawlings with the lyrics for some of the songs. The tape will be available in early June from the Earth Sciences Museum, price $12 tax included.

    Also being launched at the meeting is the new Mineral Encyclopedia from the Mineralogical Association of Canada, which includes mineral sketches by Peter Russell. Alan Morgan, also of the earth sciences department, figures in the weekend in two important ways. First, he's chairing the GAC's 50th anniversary committee. He explains: "Founded in 1947, the Association returns to the location of its first 'annual' meeting which was held jointly with the Geological Society of America at the nearby Chateau Laurier Hotel. From a modest beginning of about 150 members at that meeting, the Association has grown to its current worldwide membership of about 2300 members, comprising 17 special interest divisions and regional sections."

    Second, Morgan is being presented with an honorary life membership in the association, for "long-term distinguished service". Mary-Claire Ward, past president of the GAC, writes that "There are currently only two living Honorary Life Members and I do not believe that we have made this award to anyone for at least the past decade."

    What else is happening?

    Registrations are still being accepted for campus recreation instructional programs, which range from squash lessons to "a suspended total body workout" in the pool. Sorry I didn't note the registration procedures in Bulletins earlier this week, but Campus Rec's grey-purple brochure has been all over campus with the necessary information. Anyone wanting to register for CR programs with space still available in them can do so today from 11:30 to 1:30 in Physical Activities Complex room 2039.

    Children's performances -- "Actor's Trunk" and "The Emperor's New Clothes" -- are scheduled for 10 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. in the Humanities Theatre; watch for yellow buses on the ring road. (Parking procedures for those buses, I notice, have been under discussion in the UW joint health and safety committee, as it's being suggested that they may prove a hazard for traffic visibility where the ring road curves past the PAS building.)

    Co-op students are reminded that job posting #1 for the fall work term expires at 8:00 tonight, and regular and co-op students are reminded that self-assessment workshops have begun (registration is at the counselling services office on the second floor of Needles Hall).

    Some families are off today through Sunday for "Warblers and Woodland", a "Carolinian Weekend" focusing on southern Ontario birds, sponsored by the Heritage Resources Centre.

    The student team behind the Formula SAE Car is in competition this weekend, racing against low-cost, high-performance cars from other North American Universities. The competition is being held at the Silverdome near Detroit.

    A leading cause of death

    "Young or old, rich or poor, suicide knows no boundaries," says a note from the Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council, noting that May 18-24 will be Suicide Prevention Week. "When a suicide happens, those left behind have no answers and are always left to wonder, why?"

    The WRSPC adds: "Suicidal thoughts, ideas and suggestions all show a need for some kind of help. We need to listen . . . offer help . . . seek help . . . be aware."

    The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention adds:

    Most people who kill themselves have a treatable mental disorder, such as depression, but are not receiving treatment or are receiving inadequate treatment. Misunderstandings and stigma associated with mental illnesses limit access to effective treatments. Some illnesses may be misunderstood as "character problems" instead of biochemical imbalances.

    Suicide claims the very young as well as the elderly. Suicide is the fourth major cause of death amoung 5-to 14-year-old children and the highest suicide rates occur among men over 65 years old.

    The WRSPC is at 744-7645 ext. 310, and a valuable number for people in immediate crisis is the Help line at 745-1166.


    May 16, 1979: The Gazette presents a double-page feature article on Canada's antiquated copyright law and the need for modernization to take account of the invention of photocopying machines.

    May 17, 1990: The first Midnight Sun solar car is unveiled; its cost is reported as $116,000.

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