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Friday, March 20, 1998

  • Finding the next graduate dean
  • What's wanted in a dean
  • Melody follows the Warriors
  • The first weekend of spring
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Finding the next graduate dean

Pat Rowe will be coming to the end of her term as UW's dean of graduate studies, and the nominating committee that's looking for her successor has started its work, a memo announces.

Students are honoured

The annual awards dinner for achievers and shakers among UW students -- from dons to van drivers -- will be held tonight at Federation Hall; the keynote speaker is Kelly Foley, who heads the "first-year experience" project for the student services office. Watch for a long, proud list next week of those receiving honours this evening.
"You are invited to discuss questions concerning the Deanship with any member of the Nominating Committee," it says. "The Committee particularly seeks feedback on the issues and challenges affecting graduate affairs."

Under Policy 44, the job of the committee is to "invite nominations, by whatever means it considers appropriate, from any person or group; it will advertise the position internally, and also externally if this seems appropriate; and it will establish criteria against which nominations and applications may be measured.

"The committee will consider all names placed before it and will develop a short list of candidates as its first step in proceeding towards a recommendation. These candidates will be invited to meet with the committee and/or with such other persons and/or groups as it may determine. After screening candidates, the committee shall select the person it regards as most suitable for the position, and shall submit its recommendation for the appointment of that candidate, in confidence, to the Senate Graduate Council, and to the Faculty Deans. . . .

"If the Graduate Council and the Faculty Deans generally approve a candidate, the nominating committee shall recommend the appointment of that candidate to the President. . . . Upon receiving the report of the nominating committee and the recommendation of the Senate, the President shall recommend an appointment to the Board of Governors."

The memo says that comments in writing should be directed to Emily Barnes, the Committee Secretary (c/o University Secretariat, NH; via e-mail ebarnes@secretariat) or to any member of the Committee, not later than Thursday, April 9. "In either case, your comments will be held in confidence within the Committee." Written nominations and applications for the position should be sent to the secretary or to any committee member, with a deadline of July 24, and they too will be treated in confidence.

The committee is chaired by Jim Kalbfleisch, UW's provost. Its other members: Carolyn Hansson, vice-president (university research); John Hepburn (chemistry); Richard Holmes (philosophy); Jerry Lawless (statistics and actuarial science); Geoff McBoyle (dean of environmental studies); Steve McColl (health studies and gerontology, to be replaced May 1 by Ron McCarville, recreation and leisure studies); Metin Renksizbulut (mechanical engineering); Penny Pudifin (graduate studies office); Stephen Astels (graduate student, pure mathematics); Celine Latulipe (graduate student, computer science); Jason McLean (graduate student, optometry).

What's wanted in a dean

Here's the advertisement that is being placed nationally to advertise the job:

Candidates are sought for the position of Dean of Graduate Studies. The initial five-year appointment will begin on July 1, 1999, or as soon as possible thereafter. The University of Waterloo has six academic Faculties -- Applied Health Sciences, Arts, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Mathematics and Science -- all of which offer graduate programs leading to the Master's and PhD degrees. A number of these programs are offered in the co-op mode. Full-time graduate enrolment is approximately 1520; part-time 220. Total annual research funding at UW exceeds $50 million, including grants and contracts for research work in virtually all academic areas. Research activity has evolved into the development of more than 25 centres and institutes in fields where Waterloo is pre-eminent. UW researchers and graduate students are significantly involved in all four Ontario Centres of Excellence and in eight federal Networks of Excellence.

The Dean of Graduate Studies provides leadership in graduate studies throughout the University, and is the University's external representative with respect to graduate affairs. As a University Officer, the Dean serves on the Senate and other senior bodies, and has responsibility for making independent judgments on total University matters. The successful candidate will have a proven record of scholarship, teaching and administration in order to qualify for a tenured appointment at the full Professor level. Applications and nominations will be treated in confidence and are to be submitted by Friday, July 24, 1998; where possible, they should be accompanied by: an up-to-date curriculum vitae; a brief statement of interest; the names and addresses of three referees in a position to comment on a candidate's academic credentials and administrative experience; and should be directed, by mail, fax (519-888-6337), or e-mail (ebarnes@secretariat.uwaterloo.ca) to: Emily Barnes, Associate University Secretary, Needles Hall, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, N2L 3G1.

The University of Waterloo encourages applications from all qualified individuals, including women, members of visible minorities, native peoples, and persons with disabilities. In accordance with Canadian immigration regulations, this advertisement is directed to Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

Melody follows the Warriors

There won't be a bored silence when the white, black and gold take the floor this evening on the first night of the national basketball championships. They may be far from home, playing in Halifax's Metro Centre, but some loyal followers will be there to serenade them. Which is why this ad appeared in Halifax newspapers this week:
Waterloo is in the Final 8. We regret to announce the Warriors Band will be there. Parents with musically gifted children and the culturally refined should take suitable precautions.
The Band's original centurion, David Greenberg, makes his home in Halifax these days, doing his non-musical thing at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography, and he'll be in the stands tonight for sure.

[Warrior] By the time the Warriors play top-seeded Laurentian tonight (9 p.m. Halifax time), three other games in the eight-team tournament will already be in the books. Play continues Saturday, with the consolation final and championship game to be played Sunday afternoon.

The Warriors are underdogs in the CIAU finals, but that's better than having no bark at all. "We've got to go in there with the narrow focus of winning it," coach Tom Kieswetter was saying this week.

And promising more than a bark is Mano Watsa, point guard for the Warriors and recipient of the second straight CIAU All-Canadian All-Star Award, handed out last night at the CIAU Men's Basketball Awards in Halifax.

The first weekend of spring

The vernal equinox hits at 2:55 this afternoon, and that's the end of winter. The arrival of spring means, among other celebrations, the traditional snowman burning at Lake Superior State University in Sault Ste. Marie. More solemnly, it's Naw Ruz, ancient Persian holiday that is now the new year for followers of the Baha'i faith worldwide (among them, I think, some at UW).

Don't know about the little lame balloon man, but the jugglers will be at Waterloo this weekend, bringing their balls with them. It's the sixth annual festival for the UW Juggling Club, and visitors are invited from as far away as, oh, Hamilton at least. "There will be workshops and games, club passers and ball tossers," says club fanatic Michael Crawford, "and if you're looking for props, we may even be able to set you up nicely. Like last year's fest, this is a two-day affair, with most scheduled items occurring on Saturday, and Sunday left open for juggling and socializing." A public show starts at 8 Saturday night in the great hall of the Student Life Centre.

Other events in the next 72 hours or so:

The job placement process for co-op students continues. Kate Tansley in the co-op department sends word that "All co-op students in the Continuous Phase must hand in 15 copies of their resume packages along with a completed Continuous Phase Registration form to Co-op Reception today. This is in addition to applying to the Continuous Phase postings. Staff will not accept fewer than 15 copies of your resume package. If you have not handed in the form and resumes by 4:30 p.m. today, your status will be changed to "On Own -- Self-Imposed" unless you obtain employment by April 24. Co-op Education staff will forward your resume to non-posted jobs because sometimes employers cannot wait for the job posting process."

And a final note: I said in yesterday's Bulletin that Brantford, which may just get a branch campus of Wilfrid Laurier University, has been longing for "a university or college". It already has the latter, I was firmly reminded, a branch of Mohawk College, which is based in Hamilton.


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