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Wednesday, September 2, 1998

  • Replica dinosaur finds UW home
  • Pioneering math prof is mourned
  • A memo about RRSP contributions
  • Positions available for this week
  • IST courses, surplus sale, more
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Replica dinosaur finds UW home -- from the UW news bureau

First women Warriors play

The sports season is under way, as the men's and women's soccer teams both played last night at the University of Toronto. The women became the first female team ever to play under the name of Warriors, a title that will be used by both women and men athletes at Waterloo as of this fall, and were defeated by the Varsity Blues 2-0. The men's team lost 4-1.
A mastodon's head has joined the dinosaur exhibits at the University of Waterloo's Earth Sciences Museum.

The two-metre-long replica has the skull of a specimen from the American Museum of Natural History in New York and tusks from a dinosaur found in southeastern New Brunswick, says curator Peter Russell. It was created by Research Castings, a Beamsville, Ont. company that produces dinosaur replicas and reconstructions using the real bone.

The acquisition was partly funded by a grant from the UW Science Equipment Fund, generated by undergraduates for teaching equipment.

"Mastodons roamed southern Ontario -- probably ripping off tasty branches of trees in Waterloo Region -- but no remains have been found here. The closest remains were found in the Beachville and Rodney areas," Russell says.

Pioneering math prof is mourned

A funeral service will be held today for Art Beaumont, a builder of UW's faculty of mathematics, who died on Sunday at the age of 75. C. F. Arthur Beaumont died at his home in Carlisle, Ontario, after a lengthy illness.

Beaumont completed undergraduate studies in mathematics and physics at McMaster University and earned an MA in applied mathematics at the University of Toronto. He served as a math instructor at Toronto, a lecturer in math at the University of British Columbia, a lecturer in physics at the University of Idaho, a lecturer in both physics and math at the Royal Military College, and a physics teacher at St. Andrew's College before joining the UW faculty in 1960.

He became associate dean when the mathematics faculty was formed in 1967, serving until 1975, and was chair of applied mathematics from 1976 to 1983. Among other achievements, he was a central figure in the creation of the business programs in the mathematics faculty.

In 1982, he was presented with a 25th anniversary silver medal for his contributions to UW, and in the same year was admitted to membership of the Descartes Fellows for his "signal service to mathematics in the schools of Ontario." A founding member of the Canadian Applied Mathematics Society, he was honoured by that organization in 1989 with the establishment of the Arthur Beaumont Outstanding Service Award, becoming the first award winner. He also served on the UW senate and on a number of senate committees.

Beaumont retired on June 30, 1991, and was an adjunct faculty member until 1995.

The funeral service will take place at 1:00 today at the Kitching-Steepe Funeral Home, 146 Mill Street North, Waterdown. Beaumont is survived by his wife, Stephanie, and children, Melanie, John and Leslie. Memorial donations may be made to the Descartes Foundation (Applied Mathematics), with cheques payable to the University of Waterloo.

A memo about RRSP contributions

It seems there's still some confusion about the computer-printed statements that went to staff and faculty members' home addresses a few weeks ago, detailing changes to the amount individuals can put into Registered Retirement Savings Plans. David Dietrich of the human resources department sends this memo by way of explanation:
The Human Resources Department continues to receive a number of calls about the Past Service Pension Adjustment (PSPA) indicated to pension plan members recently through Revenue Canada's T 215 supplementary form. There was an article in the summer issue of HR News explaining the PSPA.

Annual pension benefits earned under the university's pension plan have reduced RRSP contribution room since 1990 due to changes in the Income Tax Act that took effect in that year. This reduction is reported to members and Revenue Canada on an annual basis through a number called a Pension Adjustment (PA).

The pension plan amendment effective May 1, 1998 improved pension benefits in respect of all credited service in the plan. Therefore, the University was required to recalculate PAs for the period from 1990 to 1997 and report the change in the cumulative PAs to both pension plan members and to Revenue Canada. The change in cumulative pension adjustments is called a PSPA and a member's RRSP room is lowered by this number.

The University is unable to provide specific guidance on the implications of the PSPA to every individual because RRSP contribution room is different for every person. The government indicates what your RRSP contribution room is on your annual personal tax assessment. This contribution room depends on a number of factors including previous year's income from all sources of employment, income and losses from a non-incorporated business, income and losses from rental of real property, royalties, alimony payments received and paid out, pension adjustments, RRSP carry forward room and to what extent members have already over contributed to their RRSPs. The University is involved only to the extent that the University must report an annual PA to the member and Revenue Canada based on the benefits accrued in the pension plan.

The article that appeared in the summer issue of HR News was intended to inform members that their 1998 RRSP room would be lowered by the PSPA number indicated on the T 215 form. The article also indicated that members who have undeducted RRSP contributions and/or are in a situation of over contribution may potentially be required to withdraw RRSP money or face a penalty tax from Revenue Canada.

It is our understanding that Revenue Canada will send to each pension plan member affected by the PSPA, a notice of their revised 1998 RRSP deduction limit. Accordingly, Human Resources encourages members who are concerned about the impact of the PSPA on their RRSP room and the possibility of penalty taxes, to discuss the PSPA with their financial advisor.

Positions available for this week

On the regular weekly list from human resources, here are the staff jobs curently being filled: The list with fuller job descriptions is available on the Web and has been sent on paper to all departments. More information is available at ext. 2524.

And today's the last Wednesday, at least for a while, that the list will need to be summarized on this Daily Bulletin. Starting next week, the Gazette will be published again regularly, and the full Positions Available list, including job descriptions, will appear there.

IST courses, surplus sale, more

The information systems and technology department is offering a number of computing courses in September to UW faculty, staff and students. A number of new courses are being offered, including "Using Waterloo Polaris in a Student Lab", "Programs to Create Web Images", and "Using WebBoard for Online Discussions". As well, there are a number of courses being offered again because they have been very popular in the past. More information and a registration form are available on the Web.

The regular monthly sale of surplus UW property is scheduled for today, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., at central stores in East Campus Hall (off Phillip Street).

The chemical engineering department presents a seminar today by Shadi Saberi, speaking on "Computational Fluid Dynamics in Multiphase Reactor Design". The talk starts at 3:30 in Engineering I -- sorry, that's now the Doug Wright Building -- room 2517.

The audio-visual centre sends a reminder that a new computerized catalogue and booking system are being installed this week. "Although the centre will remain open, immediate service may not always be available," writes Cheryl Petrie, with a request that users be patient.

A couple of utilities shutdowns are scheduled for tomorrow: from 8 a.m. to noon there will be no chilled water in Engineering III, and no hot or cold water in the "new" wing of the Doug Wright Building.


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