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Tuesday, September 15, 1998

  • 66 candidates for UW president
  • Want to be an ambassador?
  • Pension expert will tour Canada
  • A new approach to computer chat
  • Martial arts, hot air and jobs
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66 candidates for UW president

A brief "progress report to the University of Waterloo community" was issued yesterday by the Presidential Nominating Committee:

"The Presidential Nominating Committee is pleased to make the following report to the UW community. The Committee had established in late winter a tentative timetable for its work. The following summarizes the Committee's activities to date, measured by the bench marks established by the Committee: the Committee has concluded its broad-based pre-search consultations, developed a position profile which spoke to the internal/external challenges and candidate qualifications, and received and reviewed all of the 66 nominations/ applications/ expressions of interest (which closed on June 30, 1998). The Committee is working diligently and actively to meet its tentative timetable, and plans to begin the interview process within the next month." [Student]

Want to be an ambassador?

A bright yellow flyer that can be seen around campus is offering "one of the most exciting jobs at the University of Waterloo": Student Ambassadors.

"If you are enthusiastic and energetic, think Waterloo is an amazing school, have excellent speaking abilities, relate well to students, then we are looking for you!" it bubbles. What do Ambassadors do? Lead tours for campus visitors -- mostly high school students and their parents -- and work in the Visitors Centre; in short, "represent the University of Waterloo . . . promote our University community . . . provide detailed information and helpful assistance."

It pays $9 an hour ("and you'll receive a complimentary UW jacket, yours to keep and wear on tours"). Some 40 Ambassadors are to be hired this fall.

Applications are due by 3 p.m. this Friday -- you can get the application form at the Visitors Centre in South Campus Hall -- and interviews will be held early next week.

Pension expert will tour Canada

Rob Brown of UW's department of statistics and actuarial science is in Calgary today, giving the first of eight lectures he's scheduled to give for the Canadian Pension Benefits Institute. Brown has been picked as this year's "National Speaker" by the CPBI, an announcement says. "He maintains our tradition of putting the leading thinkers of the day in front of CPBI members, in many cases before the rest of the world discovers just how 'leading edge' our speakers are!"

Says the CPBI announcement:

Although widely quoted in the national media for his outspoken views on specific issues like the Seniors Benefit and recent changes to the Canada Pension Plan, Rob's expertise lies in the broader area of economic security programs and their evolution (or revolution) within our current society. In fact, the topic he has chosen is The Impact on Economic Security Programs of Rapidly Shifting Demographics, including the expected impact of population aging on all of government sponsored, employer sponsored, and individual economic security programs (including healthcare!).
Brown is a past president of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries and currently a vice-president of the Society of Actuaries. He is the author of five books, including Economic Security in an Aging Population, as well as many papers.

He'll speak in Edmonton tomorrow, and later this fall in Vancouver, Regina, Montréal, Winnipeg, Toronto and Halifax.

A new approach to computer chat

Here's news from Andrea Chappell in the information systems and technology department, about a new software tool:
Extend the times and places for your discussions by holding your discussion on-line. IST has a licence for WebBoard (from O'Reilly) and now hosts a discussion site. Using a standard Web browser your participants can read, post, and respond to discussion topics.

Newsgroups and listservers also allow people to deliberate online. However, newsgroups make it somewhat difficult to restrict access (e.g., to just members of a course). Listservers can restrict to a particular mailing list, but can lead to an ever growing mailbox. WebBoard provides an alternative if your participants have Web access.

Anyone who wants more information about getting onto the IST WebBoard can reach Chappell at chappell@ist or ext. 3779, or plan to attend an IST course on the topic tomorrow afternoon.

Martial arts, hot air and jobs

UW's Martial Arts Club has its fall term demonstration and sign-up at 7:00 tonight in the Blue Activity area of the Physical Activities Complex. Kim Martin of the Math Faculty Computing Facility, one of the club's stalwarts, notes that the club "is run by qualified Black Belts that volunteer their time to instruct students, faculty and staff in the various martial arts. Currently the Club offers three different martial arts: Karate, Tae Kwon Do and Aiki Jujutsu. The three arts will be demonstrated and discussions with the different instructors after the demonstration is encouraged. . . . The Club has always had the philosophy that you must be able to write your exams/midterms tomorrow, and you shouldn't have to do it wearing a thin film of Rub-A535." In other words, it shouldn't hurt, but it should be fun. Any questions? Martin can be reached at klmartin@math.

The plant operations department warns that chilled water will be turned off all day tomorrow (8 a.m. to 4 p.m.) in Environmental Studies II, so it could get a little warm in there. The shutoff is necessary because of renovations to the architectural design studio that are still in progress.

Students who might graduate one of these days should take note -- and tomorrow's Bulletin will have more on this topic -- that there's such a thing as the Graduating Student Employment Service. Information sessions about the service will be held Wednesday and Thursday at 3:30 in the Humanities Theatre; they'll run about an hour and cover such matters as the interview process, employer information sessions, and the coming Career Fair.


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