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Tuesday, January 5, 1999

  • Snow, and a hole in the road
  • Croatian courses get support
  • Student senators are wanted
  • Term loans, and other notes
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Snow, and a hole in the road

Thanks to whoever put up the temporary, but effective, "Ice!" warning sign on the steps of South Campus Hall this morning. Indeed, there are lots of pedestrian routes that haven't been cleared, two days after the big snowstorm (the steps to parking lot H come painfully to mind). Much of that kind of snow-clearing is done by part-time snow shovellers, usually students, and grounds supervisor Les Van Dongen says he's looking for more of them, starting at 7:30 any morning when it's been snowing. Just report to the grounds crew's base in the General Services Complex quadrangle, he said, and you'll be issued a shovel right on the spot. The job pays $8.50 an hour.

Van Dongen was amazingly cheerful

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when I spoke to him yesterday afternoon. By then the snow was coming down only lightly, some 33 hours after the heavy equipment got started clearing UW's roadways and parking lots. "Sunday morning we went at it with a vengeance," said Van Dongen, whose staff has a total of 33 people out on campus and in the vehicle shop. Eleven of those are classed as equipment operators, running the big snowplows and other machinery, including a brand-new dumptruck. (It arrived in November to replace a truck that had been in use for 18 years, and it's getting its first big workout this week.)

Van Dongen said he was planning to have a couple of men from yesterday's day shift work on into the evening hours, while others would come in early for the night shift, which usually starts at 11 p.m. this time of year.

Anything else that the campus needs to know about snow removal this frigid week? "Just thank everybody for their patience," Van Dongen said.

Meanwhile, work was finishing last night on fixing a water main break along the ring road north of the Davis Centre. Repairing the leak was pretty simple once the pipe was uncovered, says Rick Zalagenas, manager of the central plant -- it just called for a clamp on the four-inch pipe in question. Digging down to get there was the hard part, he said, "and the cold part!"

Croatian courses get support -- from the UW news bureau

A senior government official from the Republic of Croatia has given both moral and financial support to the UW Chair for Croatian Language and Culture. Just before Christmas, Radovan Fuchs, Croatia's deputy minister for science and technology, visited the campus as a follow-up to his recent commitment of $60,000 annually toward the chair's endowment.

Launched in 1988, the chair is dedicated to the study and promotion of the Croatian language, literature and culture. The chairholder is Vinko Grubisic, an internationally known scholar, writer and teacher. He has authored 14 books and 40 articles on Croatian language, linguistics, culture and pedagogy.

While on campus, Fuchs also held discussions with UW faculty and officials to strengthen an international exchange agreement between the university and the University of Zagreb. "It is highly encouraging to receive this generous donation to the Croatian chair at the University of Waterloo from the government of the Republic of Croatia," said David John, chair of the department of Germanic and Slavic languages and literatures. "Dr. Fuchs's visit to reinforce the gift is a sign of his personal commitment and that of his government. We are confident that the second decade of the Croatian chair at Waterloo will be even more successful than the first."

Others participating at the meeting were Brian Hendley, UW's dean of arts; Jim Kalbfleisch, vice-president (academic) and provost; Ian Lithgow, vice-president (university relations); and Jim Walker, co-ordinator for international programs, faculty of arts. Also attending were Anton Kikas, a representative of the National Foundation for Croatian Studies; Luka Budak, who holds the Croatian Chair at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia; and a representative of the Croatian news media, who interviewed both Grubisic and Hendley for Croatian radio. At the meeting, participants discussed future student and faculty exchanges between UW and the University of Zagreb, as well as possible joint research projects.

Currently, UW students can combine a major in one subject with a minor in Croatian studies. Courses are offered in introductory, intermediate and advanced Croatian, as well as in Croatian culture and literature.

Student senators are wanted

Here's a notice from the university secretariat:
Nominations are requested for the following undergraduate seats on the University Senate. At least five (5) nominators are required in each case.

One (1) full-time Faculty of Engineering undergraduate student to be elected by the full-time Faculty of Engineering students, term May 1, 1999 to April 30, 2001.

One (1) full-time Faculty of Mathematics undergraduate student to be elected by the full-time Faculty of Mathematics students, term May 1, 1999 to April 30, 2001.

One (1) full-time at-large undergraduate student to be elected by the full-time UW undergraduate students.

Nominations should be sent to the Chief Returning Officer, University Secretariat, Needles Hall, Room 3060, no later than 3:00 p.m., Tuesday, January 19, 1999. Elections will coincide with the annual Federation of Students' elections (February 9 and 10, 1999). Nomination forms are available from the Secretariat, Needles Hall, Room 3060, or from the Federation of Students' Office, Student Life Centre.

More information: phone ext. 6125, e-mail tdietric@secretariat.

Term loans, and other notes

Here's a reminder that books borrowed on term loan from UW's libraries are due back tomorrow. The program used by the library to issue notices reminding people that books on term loan are due back on January 6 "is not working as it should", a memo in December said. "Some people are receiving no notice, some are receiving multiple notices, and some are receiving notice for only some of the books that they have on term loan. If you are not sure which of the books that you have borrowed are due back on the 6th, there are some easy ways to find out. You may check your patron record in TRELLIS (if you're not sure how to find your record staff at any of the circulation desks, or at ext 5544, will help you). Alternatively, you may ask a staff member at a circulation desk to print a list for you while you are in the Library."

Ruth Allen writes from the Midnight Sun solar race car project: "Midnight Sun will be holding its Recruiting/Information meeting for the term on January 6 in the multipurpose room of the student life centre. From 5-6 p.m. will be technical group information (mechanical, electrical, array, strategy, aerobody) and from 6:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. will be non-technical information (Business Group). This is open to all students from all faculties. We are well on our way towards Sunrayce and need lots of enthusiastic team members."

Return-to-campus interviews start today for all co-op students returning from fall work terms. Students should check for their assigned interview time with their coordinator, or on the bulletin boards in Needles Hall. Later this week: "a resumé blitz, designed primarily for junior students", Friday and Monday in the co-op department. "To have their resumé checked over by CECS staff, students may sign up at the paging desk, main floor, NH."

To help with the beginning-of-term rush, the key control office in the General Services Complex will be open over the noon hour this week and next, as well as the regular hours of 8:30 to 12 and 1:00 to 4:30.


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