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Thursday, January 7, 1999

  • Federation Hall celebrates rebirth
  • Winter advice about RRSPs
  • Students elect Federation leaders
  • Time to try out for FASS
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Federation Hall celebrates rebirth

"The official grand opening of the revitalized Federation Hall" is taking place from 4 to 6 this afternoon -- "now that the dust has settled and the paint is dry", as the invitations put it.

The great student-owned bar and assembly hall had been losing money and popularity before this year's facelift, made possible through a special student fee. The results are impressive, said Kerry O'Brien in a piece written for the student newspaper Imprint just before Christmas:

After almost two years, the results of that extra five bucks per term are available for inspection. Fed Hall has a new floor plan, new lighting, new service and (can I get an Amen?) a new sound system. The
[Federation Hall]
Summertime image of Fed Hall, taken in 1998 by Graphics Photo/Imaging.
new system differs from the old in a considerable manner; instead of Fed Hall's old "wall of speakers" approach, the new system is geared so that more of the sound is aimed at the dance floor while patrons relaxing in the upper mezzanine area will not have to shout to be heard over the din. Booths have been added for a more restaurant-like setting, and there is fresh paint and carpet all over the place.

Said [Fed Hall manager Johnny] Megalos, "we leaned toward a classier look because students pay lots of tuition and Waterloo is a renowned university." He noted that the newfound classiness of Fed Hall would not be reflected at all in the drink prices.

Changes to the establishment are much more than skin deep. The management of the bar is changing, with more emphasis on what students want. Bar nights will have no cover charge for admittance. In addition, underagers will not be allowed into the bar nights to help reduce underage drinking in the bar and to focus more on the UW population. Service has increased exponentially; the three taps and fluorescent sign at the bar have been replaced with twelve available taps.

Winter advice about RRSPs

Paperwork from Revenue Canada has been arriving at some people's homes, telling them about their "contribution room" for Registered Retirement Savings Plans -- how much they can put aside tax-free for 1998, before the deadline of February 28, 1999, and claim on this spring's income tax returns.

Linda Bluhm of UW's human resources department understands these things, and offers this guidance: "In the majority of cases, the result will be lower RRSP room for 1998 because of a Past Service Pension Adjustment (PSPA), as described in the Human Resources News, Summer 1998 issue. The PSPA resulted from an improvement in the pension plan formula which was approved May 1, 1998, and provided increased retirement, termination and death benefits for pension plan members.

"You may claim a 1998 tax deduction for your RRSP contribution up to the limit shown on the Revenue Canada statement. If your statement indicated a negative position, the following may be helpful:

"You may wish to seek independent financial advice, or contact Revenue Canada yourself (579-2230), if you are unsure about your RRSP contributions. Further details will be provided in an upcoming Human Resources Newsletter."

Students elect Federation leaders

News from the Federation of Students, forwarded by executive researcher Avvey Peters:
Nominations for Federation of Students' Executive Elections will open 8:30 a.m. Friday January 8, 1999. Forms are available at the Federation of Students' Office (SLC 1102). Nomination forms must be returned to the Federation of Students' Office no later than 4:30 p.m. Friday, January 15, 1999.

Positions available include: President, VP Administration & Finance, VP Internal, VP Student Issues and VP Education. Nomination forms are also available for Students' Council representatives and Student Senators.

For more information about the upcoming elections, please contact the Chief Returning Officer at ext. 6781 or email research@feds.

Time to try out for FASS

"Well, it's almost that time of year again," says Alisa Paneghal, producer this year for the Faculty, Alumni, Staff, and Student stage production -- FASS, for short.

Other notes today

The physics department presents a talk by W. A. MacFarlane of LPS Orsay, France, at 3:30 in Physics room 308. Topic: "Impurity Probes of High-Tc and Fulleride Superconductors".

An all-you-can-eat pasta buffet is the dinner excitement in Village I today, from 4:30 to 7 p.m.

In yesterday's Bulletin I referred to Bill Chesney as "head" of the drama department. He isn't; he's undergraduate advisor, director of production and head of design, but in fact Joel Greenberg is chair of the department.

She explains what FASS is all about: "Every year we write a script, which includes re-worded songs, movie adaptations, and lots of puns. Then, in January, we audition actors and actresses to appear in the production. Last year's show had the theme 'love and romance,' and it was great fun. The play had romances, swordfights, pop music, and a whole lot more. We received excellent reviews, but more importantly, we brought in a whole bunch of new FASS members. First-year students and graduates alike, they all came out for the first time and they're all coming back for this year's show.

"Speaking of which, this year's show is about 'Conspiracies,' and the script is looking really good. Now, here's the great part: Everyone who auditions gets a part! If we have more people than parts, we'll write in new characters!"

Paneghal says FASS has members from pretty much every faculty in the university. "Some people are great thespians, some sing and dance well. Some don't. Fact is, if you've got the guts to get up on stage, you deserve a lot of respect. And, if you don't want to be center stage, we need people to fill out our behind-the-scenes crew and band." Other benefits include "parties every weekend in January! Meet people from faculties you didn't know existed!"

Auditions will be held tonight and tomorrow (and actually they started last night) in Humanities building room 280, from 6:30 to 10:30. "Singing, acting, and dancing isn't for everyone," Paneghal repeats, "but you really don't know till you give it a try. We won't make you do anything you don't want to. Promise." More information? She can be reached at 886-8236, e-mail ampanegh@uwaterloo.ca.


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