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Wednesday, May 24, 2000

  • Chrzanowski 361, union proponent 155
  • UW second in ethanol challenge
  • Quest camp celebrates 10 years
  • Also today and soon
  • Positions available this week

Chrzanowski 361, union proponent 155

[Chrzanowski] Ed Chrzanowski (right) of the math faculty computing facility has been elected to head UW's staff association, defeating Joe Szalai of the library by a two-to-one margin in the first contested election anybody can remember.

Just about every year, the staff association's president-elect is chosen by acclamation. But this year two candidates came forward, offering widely different platforms: Szalai said he would lead the staff into unionization, while Chrzanowski said he would seek to build on the staff association's "25 years of collegial problem solving" in cooperation with management.

Chrzanowski becomes president-elect on June 1, when the association holds its annual general meeting. On that date Walter McCutchan, elected last year, becomes president. Chrzanowski will be president for 2001-02.

Balloting closed Friday afternoon, and yesterday Paul McKone, the 1999-2000 president, said a total of 525 valid ballots had been returned from among the 873 election packages sent out to staff association members. (Association membership is voluntary and currently includes about 54 per cent of eligible staff.)

There were 361 votes for Chrzanowski, 155 votes for Szalai, and 9 spoiled ballots. (Also received: 11 election envelopes that didn't include a presidential ballot, and 2 envelopes that arrived after the deadline.)

Association members were also asked to vote for two spots on the board of directors, and chose Bonnie Brenner and Bruce Woods. A third candidate, Brian Whitfield, wasn't elected.

Said McKone: "Ed, Bonnie, and Bruce will joining Grace Schaefer (Vice President), Doug McTavish (Treasurer), and Brenda Sokowlowski (Secretary) -- all acclaimed to their positions. These newcomers will be serving with Chris Henderson and Brad Vogt -- returning for the second year of their two-year term as Directors. . . .

"Thank you to all who ran, and best wishes for the upcoming term."

The idea of unionizing UW's staff isn't dead, Szalai said in a statement last night. "I believe an election win would have facilitated a union certification drive," he wrote, "but, as I mentioned elsewhere, win or lose, the drive will go on. During the campaign I received innumerable expressions of support from non-Staff Association members. I want their voices to count and the way to do that is to have a secret ballot conducted by the Labour Board. However, for that to happen, forty per cent of staff in our bargaining unit will have to sign union cards -- as an indication of support. A decision has been made to certify with the Canadian Auto Workers and, within the next year, you will be asked to sign a union card."

UW second in ethanol challenge -- from the UW news bureau

A UW student team placed second overall in the third Ethanol Vehicle Challenge held last week in Ontario, which was won by a team from the University of Texas at Austin.

The winning team's truck, which was modified to use ethanol-based fuel, received the highest score in the seven-day competition among 16 North American college and university teams, involving more than 200 top automotive engineering students. The University of California at Riverside captured third place. The only other Canadian school in the event was the University of Windsor.

UW's team also won the Best Ethanol Conversion prize as well as tying for Best Fuel Economy with the University of Illinois at Chicago.

"This challenge taps into the innovation and ambition of the next generation of engineers to create new technologies that meet our environmental and economic goals," said Ralph Goodale, federal minister of natural resources. "I'm particularly pleased that the University of Waterloo captured second place in such a prestigious competition."

The contest challenged students to re-engineer Chevrolet Silverado 4x4 pickup trucks to run on E85, a fuel blend of 85-percent ethanol and 15-per-cent gasoline. The trucks were judged on emissions, fuel economy, cold-start capabilities, power, design strategy and handling. The goal was to produce the most efficient, lowest-emission, best-performing vehicle.

Sponsored by Natural Resources Canada, the U.S. Department of Energy and General Motors, the Ethanol Vehicle Challenge is a cooperative effort of governments, the auto, ethanol, agricultural and petroleum industries, and the academic world to bring environmentally friendly vehicle technologies to the marketplace.

Quest camp celebrates 10 years

ESQ, formerly known as Engineering Science Quest, will mark its 10th anniversary with a celebration today at 5:30 in the Davis Centre lounge.

ESQ, "one of the most successful student-led initiatives at UW" according to a news release, is co-sponsored by the faculties of science and engineering. The non-profit organization's mandate is to promote fun, hand-on science, engineering and technology to students of all ages. ESQ offers interactive workshops, summer day camp programs and community events.

The July and August camps are for students in Grades 1 to 12, while there are three technology-based camps: ExXtreme! 0 for Grades 5 to 7, ExXtreme! I for Grades 8 to 10, and ExXtreme! II for Grades 9 to 12. They feature activities such as web page design, use of animation tools and circuit board projects.

Also today and soon

The Institute for Computer Research presents a seminar this morning by Hartmut Schirmacher of the Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik. He'll speak on light fields and lumigraphs ("sampled representations of the light exiting from (or accident in) a bounded region of 3D space") at 10:30 a.m. in Davis Centre room 1304.

Students who will graduate in 2001 will be interested in an event today that's sponsored by the department of co-operative education and career services: "Are you a co-op student going on your final work term this fall and graduating in 2001? If you are, and if you would like to know more about taking part in the grad employer interview process, you may be interested in attending the Job Information session on Wednesday May 24, 3:30 to 4:30 p.m., Engineering Lecture room 101. The session, given by Co-operative Education & Career Services, will include topics such as website registration, interviews and application process, employer information sessions, important dates and deadlines, and career development seminars/workshops."

A reception is scheduled this afternoon in honour of Marg Letter, who's about to retire from the human resources department. The party runs from 4 to 6 p.m. at the University Club.

A group called "Choose to Lead" comes in at the Ron Eydt Village conference centre today -- some 400 participants here for a two-day stay. They'll be followed by a much smaller event, a "joint working group" of some 14 Anglican and Lutheran leaders who will confer in the Village over the weekend.

The Teaching Support Services unit at the University of Guelph holds its annual conference tomorrow, under the title "Learner-Centeredness in the Disciplines". UW's teaching resource office says Waterloo people are invited.

The UW Bike Centre will be hosting an auction tomorrow at 12:30 in the Student Life Centre courtyard. "This is your chance to buy a quality bike for a reasonable price," organizers say. "A variety of bikes will be available: from road to mountain, 1 speed to 21, and they're all in good working order. The bikes will be out for preview beginning at 11:30 a.m. and Joe Zehr from Zehr Auctions will start the bidding an hour later. Sales are by cash or cheque only and please bring some UW id. These are bikes that have been turned over the UW Police for a variety of reasons. If the attempt to match the bike with its owner fails, it's turned over to the Bike Centre. Volunteers then fix them up and get them back into a rideable condition. If the weather's bad, the auction will take place in the SLC Atrium, outside the Used Bookstore."

Two divisions of UW's psychology department have special events scheduled for this weekend. The developmental section will host a conference on child development, which includes a keynote talk on "How do infants learn about the physical world?" The social division holds a symposium under the title "Motivated Social Perception". I'll say a little more about both of these events in Friday's Bulletin.

Positions available this week

There's no Gazette issue today, so the Bulletin makes room for the weekly "positions available" list from the human resources department, which is posted in full on the HR web site:
University Policy 18 provides maximum opportunity for promotion of regular, internal staff members. Those interested in applying for an available position are invited to call Human Resources at extension 2524 for more information or are welcome to visit during regular working hours to view a detailed job description. Human Resources is located in the General Services Complex, Room 130. A current resume is required with your application.

Due to the number of applications received, we regret that we can not respond to external applicants who apply to the vacancies listed below unless an interview is scheduled.

If there are no qualified internal applications, a decision may be made, no earlier than seven working days from the job posting, to seek external candidates. All applications received after this decision will be treated on an equal basis, without consideration of the internal status of the candidate.

Finally: "The university welcomes and encourages applications from the designated employment equity groups: visible minorities, women, persons with disabilities, and aboriginal people. For more information call University of Waterloo, 885-1211 ext. 2524."


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