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Tuesday, April 1, 2003

  • Toronto school would become part of UW
  • Board discusses construction plans
  • Computing courses are scheduled
  • Also happening this week
Chris Redmond

On the Internet, every day is April 1

[In his office]

Biology professor Colin Mayfield has been featured lately on the web site of UW's LT3 technology centre. It calls him "one of those rare folk who are true innovative pioneers in teaching methods and tools", and describes what he's done with the help of LT3 expertise, in his Biology 447 course (environmental microbiology) and quite a number of other places.

Toronto school would become part of UW

An agreement to "explore full integration" of UW and the Toronto-based Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences is being reported to UW's board of governors today.

The board will be asked to approve "continued discussions" between UW and Michener, based on a "non-binding" agreement that's also going to Michener's board. If the discussions lead to a final agreement, it would make Michener a part of UW, with the status of an "interdisciplinary institute". The change would give UW an outpost in central Toronto and involvement in Michener's range of training programs in health technology.

UW already has close links with Michener, including joint degree-diploma programs in chiropody and respiratory therapy. Discussions about a complete affiliation have been under way since last fall, and led to the preliminary agreement that's on the board agenda today.

Says its preamble: "Through a partnership, Michener will achieve its goal to offer university degrees, and enhance its research capacity related to applied health sciences, and UW will broaden its academic programs and research capacity related to applied health sciences, health informatics, health promotion and population health. Furthermore, there will be opportunity to identify new areas for health initiatives in which the strengths of the two institutions complement one another. In addition, UW's expertise in cooperative education and Michener's in clinical education can complement and support joint educational goals. The synergy from a partnership will facilitate both institutions reaching a higher level of excellence together in less time than if each were to act alone."

Some highlights of the proposed agreement:

  • "UW values the strengths and uniqueness of TMI and agrees to preserve the identity of TMI as an academic/administrative unit of the University of Waterloo." The head of TMI would become an associate provost of UW.

  • "A Michener Academic Council . . . will be responsible for the initiation and first level approval of certificate and diploma programs through appropriate UW bodies including the Senate Undergraduate Council and the Senate."

  • "UW and Michener faculty members will consult jointly on degree programs. . . . Students in degree programs will take courses at UW and TMI."

  • "It is the desire of both parties to provide options to qualified Michener faculty members of seeking cross appointment in appropriate UW academic units. . . . All new faculty appointments related to Michener will be either jointly or cross appointed with an appropriate academic department."

  • "Labour relations arrangement permitting, all TMI employees will have UW employee status at the time of integration."

  • "UW will acquire and assume all the assets and liabilities of the Michener Institute and take on full financial responsibility for Michener operations including the operations and maintenance of the Michener campus."

  • "Michener will retain its core funding from the [Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care] to fulfill its mandate to meet the health human resources needs of the province of Ontario in its core programs. . . . MTCU and related funding as well as tuition and other student fees will be retained by UW and allocated to its various units including Michener."

  • "The Michener Institute building at 222 St. Patrick St. and associated equipment will be reserved for use primarily for applied health science programs and related research, and academic and student services activities. To facilitate integration and to achieve operational efficiency, UW may locate some of its current activities in the Michener Institute Building."

    Board discusses construction plans

    Three construction projects are on the agenda as UW's board of governors meets this afternoon. Among the items coming up in the report of the board's building and properties committee:

    Appointment of an architect (the Kitchener firm of Rieder, Hymmen & Lobban) for an addition to Matthews Hall. The committee's report gives this background: "The Faculty of Applied Health Sciences will be constructing a $4 million building addition using funds from a significant donation. The scope of the capital program may be adjusted pending the award of supplementary funding from the Province under the SuperBuild II program. The recommendation follows from interviews conducted in March in which four firms presented their experience and ability to fulfil the University's requirements."

    News of the long-discussed addition to St. Paul's United College: "The Committee received for information that St. Paul's is planning a $12 million capital program which includes a third floor addition to the existing wing to create 40 single rooms and the new construction of 20 four bedroom suites for senior undergraduate students; 38 two-bedroom apartments and 35 one-bedroom apartments for graduate students and their families; and 16 deluxe single units for visiting scholars. Construction will be phased for completion in 2004."

    An update on plans for a new cluster of townhouses on the north campus: "Following on the Board's approval in February that the University proceed to issue a Request for Proposal for the construction of approximately 300 student townhouse units and enter into a long-term land lease and operating agreement with the successful proponent, interviews with five short-listed proponents were held and Reid's Heritage Group in Cambridge, one of the largest home-builders in South Western Ontario, was selected as the developer. The agreement with Reid's for the first phase of 100 units will include a two-year rolling termination, $650 monthly unit payments, and an occupancy date of December 2003. This will allow the subsequent redevelopment of UW Place courts into single student accommodation with occupancy targeted for September 2004. The City of Waterloo is moving to expedite this process and discussions, as required, are being held with the Region and the Grand River Conservation Authority."

    The meeting starts at 2:30 in Needles Hall room 3001. Other agenda items include approval of UW's 2003-04 budget, and a report from provost Amit Chakma about "how Waterloo is coping with the double cohort challenge". After the meeting, board members are being offered a tour of the new Co-op Education and Career Services building.

    [Purple and gold through the mulch]

    Brave venturers into the early spring air, spotted on campus Friday by Barbara Elve of communications and public affairs. Of course, that was before today's slight interruption to the progression of the seasons.

    Computing courses are scheduled

    The Information systems and technology department (IST) is offering computing courses in April to UW faculty, staff and students. The following courses are being offered for students: Your UW Unix Account, Web Management Using Dreamweaver MX.

    The following courses are part of the Skills for the Academic e-Workplace program, and are offered to faculty, grad students, and staff with instructional responsibilities: Course Web Page Creation, Advanced SAS Programming and SAS Macros, Concept Mapping with CMAP, Analyse-It Add-in for Excel.

    Information about the courses, along with a registration form, can be found on the web.

    Also happening this week

    There is (I say this for the benefit of Bulletin readers on the other side of the world, or those who have refused to emerge from the basement on April Fools' Day) quite a lot of snow out there.

    ButI think it'll melt in the course of the day, since after all it's April. And since it's April, today is the last day of winter term classes in two of UW's faculties, mathematics and engineering. In the other four faculties, classes run through Friday. Exams will begin on Monday, April 7.

    Says a note from the co-op education and career services department: "A limited number of CEC lower level rooms are available for study use by students from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. weekdays until April 22. Students wishing to use a room should check in at the information desk in CEC, where they will be asked to register and leave their WatCard with the attendant, who will then assign them a room. The WatCard is returned to the student when they are finished using the room."

    I have a note from a student advising that "Concerned students have come together to collect donations for the growing humanitarian crisis in Iraq Students interested in donating can come to the Student Life Centre and donate their loose change and pick up an information brochure on how the Canadian Red Cross is helping. The Iraq booth will be in the SLC for the next week, from 10 a.m to 4 p.m. All donations will be distributed to Iraqi refugees through the Red Cross. Students can also check out the visual displays that reflect the growing tragedy in Iraq." And in support of the cause, the Muslim Student Association will hold a bake sale in the SLC tomorrow, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

  • 'I want to go to university' site sponsored by faculty
  • SSHRC launches $100,000 gold medal
  • US Supreme Court hears affirmative action case today
  • UK Electronic University
  • Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield will give this year's Friends of the Library Lecture, and tomorrow is the day. The talk ("Space Flight: an Astronaut's Perspective") will start at 1 p.m. Wednesday in the Theatre of the Arts; admission is free. And what Waterloo connection does Hadfield have? Here's the answer: although currently based far from Waterloo, even when he's not in space, he is a former UW staff member: he worked in the mechanical engineering department for a few months in 1982.

    Science journalist (and particle physicist) Simon Singh will give two talks tomorrow, as he's brought to Waterloo by the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, St. Jerome's University, and the Centre for Applied Cryptographic Research. First, Singh will speak on "Cracking the Cipher Challenge" from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. tomorrow in Physics room 145. A reception and book signing will follow immediately afterwards. The second lecture, "Mathematics of Chance", is presented as a public event hosted by the Perimeter Institute. Singh will speak from 7 to 8 p.m. at the Waterloo Recreation Complex. Tickets are free but should be reserved at 886-2375 or picked up at the Rec Complex, with "a small number" available at the door.

    The annual graduate student research conference gets rolling tomorrow, this year even bigger and presumably better than last year. Some 159 grad students will show off their research either through posters or in oral presentations Wednesday through Friday. There will also be a series of keynote talks by established researchers, starting with John Thompson, biologist and associate vice-president (university research), at 12:45 tomorrow. The conference takes place on the main level of the Davis Centre.

    It's pasta week in Ground Zero restaurant in the Student Life Centre (today, macaroni and cheese). . . . Electrical power will be shut down in Engineering II (library wing) and Engineering III (lab wing) from 6 to 7 a.m. tomorrow. . . .

    The co-op and career services department is announcing "Mission: Possible!" for this Thursday, aimed apparently at students who are beginning to think that finding a co-op job isn't very possible. The all-day event offers "presentations and workshops providing job-finding support and advice", and starts with a gathering at 9:30 a.m. Thursday in Arts Lecture Hall room 116.

    A note from the Student Life Centre: "The Muslim Student Association, with support from other student groups, such as the Sai group, have initiated an event that provides students with an opportunity to show their support for world peace. On Thursday, April 3, students are invited to a two minute moment of silence to reflect on world peace. Students are encouraged to come together in the Great Hall (Student Life Centre) at 12:00 and join others in a moment of silence, prayer and reflection. Students can pick up a wrist band that symbolizes their support for world peace at the Iraq Information booth setup in the Student Life Center. Students are encouraged to bring these bands on Thursday."

    "The moving story of Sierra Leone's civil war" is told in theatre, dance, drumming and storytelling, in a performance titled "Rising from Our Ashes" that comes to Conrad Grebel University College on Thursday night. The performance starts at 8 p.m. in the great hall; tickets are $10, students $5.


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